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How to Help Victims of Conflict and Natural Disaster: Closing the Infamous “Gap”

JICA attends international seminar examining ways to bridge the divide between emergency assistance and longer-term help in the wake of conflicts, earthquakes and other disasters.



Closer Ties Urged Between Japan and ASEAN Countries

Symposium is told Japanese business and 10 member states of the ASEAN group stand to benefit by strengthening business links.



JICA Sending Emergency Supplies to Pakistan Following Devastating Rains and Floods

Nearly five million people are affected by the latest natural disaster to hit Pakistan and JICA is sending tents and water purifiers to help the victims.



How to Help as Many as 80 Million People

That is the number of Africans suffering from disabilities who currently receive little assistance.



Africa’s Food Crisis: Helping to Boost Rice Production

JICA and two leading organizations begin four-year project as part of ongoing initiative to help double the continent’s rice production within 10 years.


Middle East

After the Arab Spring, the Hard Work of Establishing Viable Democracies in the Middle East

JICA is helping Tunisia and Egypt to shape democratic systems in their respective countries.


Sadako Ogata

Japan's foreign assistance to poor countries is more important than ever.

Sadako Ogata

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