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JICA Sends Further Emergency Supplies and a Survey Team to Flood-Stricken Thailand

The agency is providing another batch of emergency supplies to the Southeast Asian country while a survey team will assess its rebuilding needs.



JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Honduras Following Heavy Rains

JICA is sending emergency supplies to Honduras where heavy rains have caused landslides and flooding across the country.


Horn of Africa

A Fabled Land in Crisis

JICA is exploring ways to help millions of people in the Horn of Africa to combat a catastrophic famine and rebuild the region on a sustainable basis.


Latin America

Latin America: A Continent in Transition

Japan has enjoyed close ties with Latin America for more than 100 years and JICA is helping the continent with projects ranging from climate change and the environment to infrastructure, eradicating poverty and combating centuries old diseases.



’Two-faces of Asia’: Forum Discusses Sustainable Development in Low-Income Asian Economies

While emerging countries such as China and India are drawing global attention, many Asian countries are still struggling for solid growth, and the development gap between the two parties continues to widen.



A ‘New’ Gateway for the Himalayan Nation of Nepal

It is Nepal’s only major gateway to the world, but until recently it was also a national embarrassment.


Sadako Ogata

Japan's foreign assistance to poor countries is more important than ever.

Sadako Ogata

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