Let's begin building our nation

The Republic of South Sudan is at the tail end of economic development. All the indices of human welfare put its citizens at the bottom of all humanity. The independence we are now celebrating transfers the responsibility for our destiny and reversing the tide underdevelopment to our own hands. The challenges are great but we must begin the task of nation building immediately.


All the citizens of this great nation must therefore fully dedicate their energies and resources to the construction of a vibrant state. Economic development is a vital key to human prosperity and satisfaction. Our country is endowed with vast natural resources. We must work to harness these resources for the good of our people and nation. We must build and apply the human capital necessary to translate these resources accordingly.



Flag of the Republic of South Sudan flying high in the sky.
[Photo: Ajang Monychol]


One of the economic sectors we must prioritize is agriculture. Our country has vast fertile arable land and several months of rainfall every year. We have the potential to become the breadbasket of the region. We should never import basic food commodities we are capable to produce locally. Let us be ready to make our hands dirty but fill our lives.

We will also pursue investment in other sectors such as tourism, hydroelectricity generation, physical infrastructure development, social services and amenities, hospitality, mining, forest resources, food processing and sports, to mention but a few.

The eyes of the world are on us. Everyone is watching us closely to see whether our first steps in nationhood are steady and confident. We must rise to the occasion and prove that we are capable of playing our honest part in the international community of nations. What are you doing for your country today?



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