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JICA, Natural Disasters, Climate Change: An Extremely Busy Time

In the wake of Japan’s own catastrophe, JICA is heavily involved in helping victims of natural disasters, rebuilding shattered communities and tackling underlying problems which cause such crises.


Viet Nam

JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Viet Nam to Help Combat Flooding

JICA is sending emergency supplies to Viet Nam which has suffered from flooding since the end of September.



JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Nicaragua Following Heavy Rains

JICA is sending emergency supplies to Nicaragua where heavy rains have caused landslides and flooding across the country.


Saudi Arabia

Protecting Millions of Pilgrims to the Hajj

As some three million Moslem pilgrims prepare to visit the Holy City of Mecca, Saudi Arabian medical officials undergo training in how to respond to potential crowd disasters.



JICA Sends Drainage Experts and Drain Pump Vehicles to Flood-Stricken Thailand

JICA is sending a team of drainage experts and drain pump vehicles to Thailand to further help the country’s continued efforts to combat widespread flooding.


Latin America

Latin America: A Continent in Transition

JICA helps the continent with projects ranging from poverty reduction and disease to climate change and the environment.


Sadako Ogata

Japan's foreign assistance to poor countries is more important than ever.

Sadako Ogata

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