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UK aid in Kenya's arid lands

How we're treating children for malnutrition and building resilience to future droughts

Hope and homecoming

As the first ICS volunteers return to the UK, 20-year-old Maheen reflects on the trials and triumphs of working with kids in Kenya

Image of Yune in Zambia who now has access to modern methods of family planning. Photo credit Marie Stopes Internaional / Charlie Shoemaker

Changing lives: the choice to decide

Zambian soap stars spread the word on family planning

Aid reviews


The future of UK aid

Changing lives, delivering results: our plans to help the world's poorest people


Humanitarian Emergency Response Review

How we will provide effective help to people devastated by man-made and natural disasters


Action plans set out how we'll fight poverty

Operational plans for every country where DFID works now published

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Population has become a dirty word. It is a word that many of my predecessors and counterparts have, some might say understandably, steered clear of for decades. That's because it is normally followed by words like 'control' and 'explosion'...

Andrew Mitchell

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International Development Secretary