UNDP discusses with governments officials, NGOs and UN agencies recovery and prospects for long term sustainable development in Darfur

El Fasher, October 10, 2011 – During his first visit to Darfur, the newly appointed UNDP Country Director Mr. Sayed Aqa met with the Wali of North Darfur, Mr. Osman Kibir, on October 9 in El Fasher. Mr. Kibir commended the work of UNDP throughout the years, particularly its focus on sustainability and capacity development of state institutions and NGOs in the three Darfur states.

UNDP Country Director Mr. Sayed Aqa and Wali of North Darfur Mr Osman Kibir

Mr. Aqa and Mr. Kibir also discussed the pivotal role played by NGOs in improving and complementing basic services at the community level in Darfur and ways to further improve it. During the meeting, the UNDP Country Director explained that these and other efforts of UNDP – in partnership with government institutions and civil society organizations – will not only help promote equitable recovery and development of communities with a focus on the needs of the poor, but will also contribute to peace and stability through employment generation, transparent governance and universal access to justice.

In Darfur, this is achieved through efforts such as helping the Ministry of Finance in North Darfur state with technical capacity building and policy advice on public finance management as well as helping the Planning Directorate to improve its capabilities. As part of UNDP’s cooperation with the Ministry of Justice in Darfur, UNDP handed over to the Ministry of Justice computer equipment during Mr. Aqa’s visit, to enhance the Ministry’s communications capabilities.

The UNDP Country Director also met extensively with various representatives of national NGOs working in Darfur – including women’s NGOs. NGO representatives recounted their success and challenges during the meeting and further asserted their understanding of recovery priorities and the need for capacity building support amongst them.

In addition, Mr. Aqa met with representatives of OCHA, UNAMID and other UN agencies and discussed further support that UNDP can provide to support inter-agency coordination for recovery, through mechanisms such as the Darfur Recovery Working Group and the Darfur Strategic Planning Team. The meeting with UN agencies also touched on advancing recent initiatives, including the proposals for 12 model villages under discussion with the Government of Sudan. Joint Special Representative Pr. Ibrahim Gambaro recently gave his support to the initiative. While latest figures on returnees for North Darfur were still relatively low, firm commitment on the part of the Government was also highlighted as an important pre-requisite for the sustainability and success of the returning process.


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