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The European Commission constructs two new police stations in Kassala State, Eastern Sudan

Kassala, 23 November 2009– Wali of State Kassala, State Police Commissioner and United Nations Development Program officially opened two new police stations in Kassala State.

The inauguration was performed by the State Wali of Kassala Mr. Salah Ali Adam, the State Police Commissioner Mr. Esam Eldin Abdalmahmoud Eltayeb, UNDP Country Director, Mr. Claudio Caldarone, and the representatives of European Commission, Ms. Natalia Lazarewicz, Coordinator for Sudan at the European Commission in Brussels and Ms. Christina Lindberg, Programme Manager, Governance and Social Sector in Sudan who were impressed with the new buildings.

UNDP Sudan with the financial support of the European Commission through the Strengthening Access to Justice and Confidence Building in Kassala project constructed two new police stations in Kassala State; El Murabaat of Kasala district and in Wad Sherifi, one of the poorest localities of Kassala.

In his opening remarks, the State Wali Mr. Salah Ali Adam said “Democratization, no doubt at all, is the global song of the day. Wars are being waged and fought for any democratic society worth the name. In such society, governance is by the rule of law, and all members of the society, including the lawmakers, the law enforcers and the law custodians are equal subjects before the law. Policing in such societies is created, controlled and enabled by the law. These are the present day changes to which our services has to adapt quickly”.

He added that construction of these two police stations will bring potential benefit for the police and community as well saying “……potential benefits are many and include: preventing and reducing crime as well as fear of crime; reducing disorder and anti-social behaviors; increasing feelings of safety; improving police community relationships as well as improving police community accountability”.

Before the cutting the ribbon UNDP Country Director Mr. Claudio Caldarone said that he was very impressed with the close cooperation between the community and police and stated that “these buildings represent the institution of justice and have community focus. The heart of policing is knowledge that these buildings will bring the knowledge of police and communities together to develop a long term solutions to law and order issues”.

Mr. Esam Eldin Abdalmahmoud Eltayeb, the State Police Commissioner of Kassala, said “This is a fantastic facility and as police, we are always looking for the ways to improve our services to the public therefore assistance of UNDP on building infrastructure, enhancing capacity the police force and judiciary system, strengthening link between police and community will create enable environment for us to better provide services to community”.

The Strengthening Access to Justice and Confidence Building project in Kassala State is intended to strengthen access to justice and promote accountability of rule of law institutions in order to establish a solid foundation for development. The project includes a police and prison infrastructure development; facilitation of access to justice for vulnerable groups, in particular IDPs and returnees; and supports civil society organisations and community-based organisations to create an environment that is conducive to sustainable peace and development based on the premise of rule of law.

The inauguration ceremony took place on the Monday, 23 November 2009 in Kassala State, Eastern Sudan.


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