South Sudan Courts of Appeal

The Courts of Appeal for Upper Nile State based in Malakal


  1. Mr. Justice Aleu Akechak Jok - President
  2. Mr. Justice John Clement Kuc - Member
  3. Mr. Justice Stephen Simon Benjingwa - Member



The Court of Appeal for Equatoria States based in Juba


  1. Mr. Justice Achol Mading Mayen - President
  2. Mr. Justice Kuc John Akot - Member
  3. Mr. Justice George Lado Tartiso – Member*

* Whereas the policy underpinning this exercise is that no one is to be posted in his home area, county, state or region, an exception has been made by the JOSS administration for the case of Justice George Lado Tartisio for a limited time of one year, for reasons known to the JOSS administration.



The Court of Appeal of Bahr el Ghazal States based for the time being in Rumbek


  1. Mr. Justice Kukur Lopita Marino - President
  2. Mr. Justice Alexander Muludiang Jada - Member
  3. Mr. Justice James Alala Deng – Member




Source: Gurtong Peace Trust



This article was updated on Sep 1, 2011