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Tommy Tobin
Undergraduate student, History and International Relations

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Tommy Tobin, ’10, is committed to giving back to his community through research and social entrepreneurship.

When he was a child, his father was stricken with a debilitating neurological disorder, which left a lifelong imprint on the family’s well-being. Years later, inspired by that experience, Tobin researched how disease in one person disrupts the health and function of others. Under history professor David Kennedy, Tobin investigated the disability and succession of U.S. presidents.

Tobin also worked with psychology professor emeritus Albert Bandura to develop models of human agency and behavior. Expanding on Bandura’s theories, Tobin contributed to the professor’s published pieces on global warming, gun control, and social change.

Outside the classroom, Tobin led the Stanford Project on Hunger (SPOON) to donate leftover food from campus dining halls and events to the local community. He continues that mission as the president and founder of Project FeedBack, a nascent food recovery and redistribution organization.

He currently works in Washington, D.C., supporting social entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities around the world.

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