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16:12 | 2012-03-12

Foriegn Policy

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Legislator Rejects UN Report on Iran's Human Rights as "Politically-Tainted"

TEHRAN (FNA)- The recent report by the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran, Ahmed Shaheed, is politically tainted and unreal, a prominent member of the Iranian parliament said on Monday.

"Essentially this kind of reporting is wrong and far from fairness and realism," Rapporteur of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Kazzem Jalali told FNA today.

Jalali stated that some structural flaws at the UN human rights body have pushed the UN human rights reports on Iran to become biased and politically tainted.

Due to the very same reason, the UN bodies always try to prove their biased pre-assumptions on Iran and rely on the Opposition to prepare their reports, he added.

In his latest report on Iran's human rights conditions, Shaheed accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of widespread human rights violations.

In response, Iranian officials said that Ahmed Shaheed has only parroted the unfounded allegations raised by anti-revolution elements against Iran since he had been tasked with accusing Iran.

"Since the very first day that Mr. Ahmad Shaheed was introduced as the United Nations rapporteur (on Iran) we guessed that he was a an American agent, but his later reports assured us that he has been assigned to this mission by the US," Chairman of the Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi told FNA on Saturday.

"Ahmed Shaheed contacts anti-revolution elements instead of Iranian authorities to receive information and to prepare his reports, and acts in harmony with the Americans when compiling reports (on Iran)," he added.