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15:34 | 2012-03-11


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Indian Delegation of GMJ Terms Israel Epicenter of Terrorism

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Indian participants in the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) said that Zionism operates as an epicenter of the international terror which has far reaching consequences for all South Asian countries.

Speaking at the press conference along with the leaders of Pakistan Political and religious parties of the county at Lahore Press club, the leader of the Indian delegation Mr. Feroz Mitti Bor wala said that there is a need to identify the issue of the occupation of Jerusalem as a cause that is concerning all people of all types of backgrounds.

He said that People of South Asia need to join hands and come together in order to find peaceful solutions for their own regional crises which they believe are the manifestation of the global politics.

In a query, he said that Kashmir is also likely to be solved if people's solidarity in Asia together builds pressure on their countries.

He said that Palestinian land was under Zionist occupation since 1948 and Jerusalem (Bait al Maqdas) was under occupation since 1967. Illegal settlements of Jews are erected time and again around Jerusalem and all they do for occupation of Bait al Maqdas. When the Palestine issue is tabled in the United Nations Security Council, the US, global imperialist power, exercises veto power in favor of Israel.

He said they wanted to expel the remaining Palestinians from the land of Palestine like what they have been doing since 1948.

They said the GMJ was being organized to highlight this core issue to the notice of the world. Jerusalem is sacred for Muslims and Christians as well and Israel keeps violating the sanctity of Bait al Maqdas.

People from almost all over the world have joined hands to become the part of GMJ. They will peacefully march to Jerusalem on March 30 from four borders of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.