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Communiqué N°7 of 22/02/2012-MNLA

Today (February 22, 2012) Malien war helicopters were bombing a nomad camp to the east of the town of Kidal, at Ighouzar, near the well of Agharous.

The result is the following:

• Seven (07) people seriously injured and in critical condition,

• Two (02) women killed,

• And a large number of herds destroyed.

Incapable of fighting the MNLA, Liberation Army of Azawad, Mali’s war helicopters have been bombarding civilian populations and their property for more than two weeks.

We confirm this, and inform the National and International community, that these planes are piloted by Ukrainian mercenaries who are currently killing civilians in the Azawad.

These acts demonstrate once more the barbarity of the Malian army against civilian populations whose only wrong is to be "Tuareg."

We are launching an urgent appeal to all organizations for Human Rights to finally intervene, and to stop these barbaric acts against civilians.

We strongly urge the countries of the subregion and the international community not to sit idly by in a situation where a country is using war helicopters against civilian populations. These acts can not be justified.


Communications Officer

Bakaye AG Hamed Ahmed



Abuses against Azawadi civilians in Bamako

We, the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) hereby call upon international opinion and international human rights organisations to take notice of the abuses and human rights violations perpetrated against Azawadi civilians in Bamako and other towns and villages in Mali.

On this day, the 1st February 2012: in the locality of Kati, the home of Mr Elmehdy Ag Hamahady as well his clinic and his pharmacy (situated opposite Kati’s Military Academy) and the home of former-minster Zakietou Walet Halatiny have been ransacked and set on fire by individuals armed with machetes and sticks who have been attacking unarmed civilians and wounding many of them.

This operation was being prepared by the Malian regime since August 2011. The Malian authorities were informed of these preparations by MNLA leaders, as was the President of the National Assembly.

It now seems that this course of action was orchestrated by the political elite who hold power in Bamako, in order to divert public attention from the many abuses of those currently in power. We hereby alert and inform the world that the agents of the state and those empowered to protect civilians made absolutely no effort to ensure the security of Azawadi citizens. In truth, as in the past, the regular army of Mali is engaging in barbarous attacks on the populations of Azawad, especially the Touaregs and Arabs. It continues to mistreat civilians in the town of Kidal, in the far north east of the country, and to requisition their goods for the sole reason that they belong to the local community.



Press Release No 4 : on Human rights abuse

We, the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), are alerting the international opinion and international organizations for Human Rights Protection on repeated abuses of these rights by the Malian Army on civilians since 17 January 2011.

Indeed, like in the past, the regular army is currently engaged in barbarous acts against Azawadians populations, including Tuareg and Arab. The regular army did not hesitate to execute around the town of Menaka some Tuareg soldiers that were under its commandment solely on the basis of their ethnicity. It continues to mistreat civilians in the town of Kidal and requisition their property simply because they belong to the Tuareg or Arab communities. Animals, the main source of income for nomads, are also the subject of mass killing by soldiers in Mali.

We therefore appeal to all international organizations to respond quickly in order to prevent the Malian government from committing genocide.

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Press Release No 3

The staff of the MNLA hereby give notice that as of today, the military operations to contain the invasion of Azawad by the Malian army, and stop the abuses, torture and confiscation of goods that have been inflicted on the population, has resulted in the following toll:


- 3 officers and several soldiers from the Malian army reinforcements have deserted in order to join MNLA, with 30 military vehicles

- Following these desertions, the Malian army cut the throats of three of their soldiers with Azawad origins.

- During the fighting, the Malian army suffered two dead and thirteen wounded.

- Two Malian army planes have been destroyed

The staff of the MNLA regret four wounded from its own ranks and is in control of the town of Menaka, contrary to what is claimed by the Malian regime.

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