Vendredi, Avril 06, 2012

Press Release No 4 : on Human rights abuse

We, the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), are alerting the international opinion and international organizations for Human Rights Protection on repeated abuses of these rights by the Malian Army on civilians since 17 January 2011.

Indeed, like in the past, the regular army is currently engaged in barbarous acts against Azawadians populations, including Tuareg and Arab. The regular army did not hesitate to execute around the town of Menaka some Tuareg soldiers that were under its commandment solely on the basis of their ethnicity. It continues to mistreat civilians in the town of Kidal and requisition their property simply because they belong to the Tuareg or Arab communities. Animals, the main source of income for nomads, are also the subject of mass killing by soldiers in Mali.

We therefore appeal to all international organizations to respond quickly in order to prevent the Malian government from committing genocide.

Our Movement is seeking the self-determination of these regions and to do so, it first tried to obtain it in vain through dialogue. In response, the Malian government has strengthened the presence of its army in our territory. However, we have never harmed the civilian population, including non-Arab and Tuareg, unlike the actions of the Government of Mali on civilians from our ethnicity.

The Malian Government is also engaged in a very dangerous game by trying to divide the Azawadian people and by creating armed militias, non-professional and non-controllable capable of provoking a civil war.

Our people only aspire to the peaceful management of its territory; not violence. He has always worked in order for the Malian government to recognize and accept its right to self-determination, both legally and peacefully.

Open to dialogue on the conditions of our self-determination, we ask the international community to get involved in the resolution of this conflict and to require the Malian government to start the process of self-determination of Azawad as soon as possible.

Also, this self-determination will allow us to secure the Sahel-Saharan region in Africa and put an end to the infringements on people and property of foreign nationals. Indeed, currently, the Malian state has neither the will nor the ability to work for that security. On the contrary, he made sure that all the conditions are favorable for that area to be unsafe.

Our liberation struggle is legitimate; it must be supported by any government that cherishes the rule of law, freedom and justice.

Moussa Ag Acharatoumane