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16:25 | 2012-03-14


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Iranian Athletes Support Global March to Jerusalem

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian athletes in a statement voiced their strong support for the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ).

As people from all over the world belonging to different types of religions have decided to show their support for the valiant nation of Palestine and Al-Quds, a large number of well-known Iranian athletes voiced support for the Global March to Jerusalem.

Since around 65 years ago, Palestinian territories were occupied by the usurper Zionist regime and millions of innocent people were forcefully displaced from their motherland, the statement said, and added with the wave of Islamic Awakening, which has swept through the Middle East and North Africa, now it is the time for the Muslims people in the world, specially the Palestinians, to rise against the Zionist occupiers and get rid of oppression and tyranny.

The caravan of the Global March to Jerusalem will arrive in Iran on 24th of Esfand (March 14).

Large numbers of renowned figures from across the world have already voiced their support for the GMJ due to take place on March 30th, 2012.

The Global March to Jerusalem will take place on Friday 30th March 2012 where hundreds of committees and campaigns all over the six continents will participate in order to highlight the suffering the people of Jerusalem are going through as a result of the occupation's Zionist and racist practices.

The slogan of the March will be "Peoples of the world demand the freedom for Jerusalem… People of the world demand to end the occupation of Palestine".

The International Committees of the GM2J announced that more than 150 international figures would act as the members of the International Advisory Board for the march, and that these activists will participate in the march, whether in the marches set off in their own countries or those in the Middle East to raise the issue of Al-Quds as being a city that belongs to all the three main religions - Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

The statement is signed by Alireza Mansourian, the former football player of the Iranian national team and Esteghlal club, Hassan Roshan, the former football player of the Iranian national team and Al-Ahli (UAE), Asqar Hajilou, the chairman of Esteghlal club's football academy, Faramarz Khodnegah, the champion of Iran's most powerful man contest and Seyed Hassan Afzali, the deputy head of Iran's national body building federation as well as several other Iranian national players.