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11:47 | 2012-03-27


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Popular Commissions, GMJ Stress Preparation for Struggle against Israeli Occupation

TEHRAN (FNA)- Different popular commissions in the Palestinian territories, including the international convoy of the national committee of the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ), announced their preparation for struggling against the occupation of the Palestinian lands by the Zionist regime.

The High Follow-Up Popular Resistance Commission during a regular meeting held this afternoon at the Office of mobilization and organization in Ramallah in the presence of the Popular Resistance coordinators from different sites called to broader popular participation in the activities of "Land Day" which falls on the thirtieth of this month.

The commission reviewed all the preparations undertaken by the Popular Committees in positions of popular struggle against the occupation.

The meeting also addressed the need to organize the largest possible number of popular rallies in all Palestinian sites as a fulfillment for each drop of blood bled from a martyr or wounded and to every prisoner's sigh lost freedom while defending our land to preserve its Arab identity.

The Commission emphasized on the need for an active popular participation in the CENTRAL PEACEFUL MARCHES "THE GLOBAL MARCH TO JERUSALEM" which begins after Friday prayers at 12:30 pm at Qalandia military checkpoint the North Gate of Jerusalem, the march of Bethlehem next to the apartheid wall, the march in our capital Jerusalem which will start marching from Damascus gate, as well as the march of our people in the occupied Palestine in 48 in Sakhnin and Deir Hanna, all these marches will coincide with the Global March to Jerusalem which will be launched in a number of Arab and international countries the same time.

In the same context, the Commission called on to actively participate in the olive planting activity in the Kafr Edik threatened land on Thursday, 3/29/2012 at 11 noon, the martyrs and land day activity in the village of Nabi Saleh on Friday 30.3.2012, in addition to the central activity marking the "Land Day" in Beit Omar town on Saturday, 31/3/2012 at one o'clock afternoon.

The commission also valued the outstanding efforts made by the people of Kafr Kadoum who stood up in face of the occupier to defend their land and dignity and condemned the brutal methods used by the Israeli occupation. At the same framework the commission called the parties leaderships to actively participate in the activities of popular resistance and to activate the regulatory decisions in this regard which will reflect significantly on the ground.

The commission called the government to provide the necessary financial and moral support to support the citizens' steadfastness on their land and to reinforce their peaceful resistance to the unprecedented settlement attack. In the prisoners' case, the commission pointed out the seriousness of the situation inside the Israeli occupation prisons, especially after the health status deterioration of the captive Hana Al-Shalabi, Kefah Hattab and the rest of the prisoners who are on hunger strike, in addition to the suppression of the prisoners and forcing them to do DNA tests.

Therefore, the commission called to escalate the supportive popular activities to the prisoners to meet their demands and release them. Commission members (popular committees): Hebron South Hills (Yatta) committees, Hebron city, Beit Ommar, Alm'sara, northwest Jerusalem committees, Jericho, Budrus, Ni'lin, Bil'in, Nabi Saleh, Nablus, Iraq Burin, Burin, Kof Kaddoom, Salfit, Kor Eddik.

A large number of renowned figures from across the world have voiced their support for the upcoming Global March to Jerusalem due to take place on March 30th, 2012.

The Global March to Jerusalem will take place on Friday 30th March 2012 where hundreds of committees and campaigns all over the six continents will participate in order to highlight the suffering the people of Jerusalem are going through as a result of the occupation's Zionist and racist practices.

The slogan of the March will be "Peoples of the world demand the freedom for Jerusalem… People of the world demand to end the occupation of Palestine".