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13:00 | 2012-03-26


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Turkish NGOs Welcome GMJ Caravan

TEHRAN (FNA)- A large number of the Turkish NGOs warmly welcomed the international convoy of the national committee of the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ).

On Sunday, the Asian Caravan was received by numerous Turkish NGO's for a press conference at the Hasan Dogan Convention Center.

Turkish locals welcomed the caravan with slogans of peace, justice and freedom for Palestine. Poetry and songs in dedication to the Palestinian cause were also recited in multiple languages. The press conference opened by Mr. Jannat Sariyashar, representative of Mazlumder, a Turkish NGO committed to serving the cause of freedom and justice. He regarded the movement as the source of pride and spring of hope for freedom-seekers all around the world. He continued with insisting that the delegates of this caravan are carrying the message of the oppressed to the rest of the globe.

Mr. Mohammad Yilmaz, spokesperson for the Taider students union, stated that the Global March to Jerusalem is the stepping stone for standing against oppression. He went further to say that the Palestinian issue is a humanitarian issue that isn't bound to any single religion or ethnic group and that all those who are seeking justice in the world must work toward the freedom of the oppressed land of Jerusalem. "The Palestinian conflict can only be solved if each and every one of us acts upon our humanitarian responsibility of speaking out against the injustices of the Zionist regime and allowing this message to be heard by all those oppressed in the world," Mr. Yilmaz stated.

Representatives of the Asrar Cultural Committee and Ahlader, a Turkish human rights organization, were also present and expressed their support for the caravan. The program was followed by a panel of representatives from each one of the countries, including:

People from the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Palestine, Iran, Bahrain, Malaysia, Tajikistan and Iraq addressing the Turkish audience and expressing thanks for their extraordinary hospitality.

The Pakistani delegation was an exception to this panel as they're headed towards Lebanon from Syria due to the Turkish government not issuing them travel visas. GMJ - Asian Caravan plans to leave Istanbul and head towards Kunye, one of Turkey's very historical cities, in order to reach the docks from which the caravan will be leaving towards Lebanon, by March 27.

A large number of renowned figures from across the world have voiced their support for the upcoming Global March to Jerusalem due to take place on March 30th, 2012.

The Global March to Jerusalem will take place on Friday 30th March 2012 where hundreds of committees and campaigns all over the six continents will participate in order to highlight the suffering the people of Jerusalem are going through as a result of the occupation's Zionist and racist practices.

The slogan of the March will be "Peoples of the world demand the freedom for Jerusalem… People of the world demand to end the occupation of Palestine".