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15:09 | 2012-03-11


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US Forced to Hand over Bagram Prison to Afghan Authority

TEHRAN (FNA)- Washington was forced to hand over the Bagram detention center to the Afghan government and halt military night raids as two main prerequisites demanded by Kabul for signing a strategic security pact with the US.

Addressing a ceremony to mark the International Women's Day in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, on March 11, 2012, Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai said that in line with an agreement inked with the US a couple of days ago in Kabul, Washington agreed to hand over the Bagram detention center to the Afghan government, and that the process would be completed within six months as a pre-condition for inking the strategic agreement.

Karzai said in his speech that the US military night raids, another precondition for signing the agreement, would also be halted.

Karzai said about the proposed strategic partnership with the US that the Afghan government would sign the agreement with the US, but that it would act very carefully to ensure its national interests and safeguard its national sovereignty.

However, he stated that the agreement would not include the US military bases in Afghanistan, saying, "After one year, having military bases and the modality of the use of military bases in Afghanistan would be discussed and would be inked later. We are going carefully to ensure Afghanistan national interest and its national sovereignty."

Around 130,000-strong NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) with some 90,000 of whom Americans would complete the security transition to Afghan side by the end of 2014.