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2012-03-26 - 12:30

Palestinian Female Prisoner Stages Hunger Strike over Illegal Imprisonment

TEHRAN (FNA)- Another female Palestinian prisoner in Israel started a hunger strike to defend prisoners' rights and protest against her illegal imprisonment by the Zionist regime.

Amani Khandakji is being held without formal charges under an Israeli system called "administrative detention'' in Askalan prison since March 20.

According to Ad-dameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, Khandakji began her hunger strike on the first day of her arrest, joining Hana Shalabi, who refused to eat since mid-February.

Currently, 26 Palestinian prisoners are on hunger strike to protest against their imprisonment by the Zionist regime without formal charges. Administrative detention allows the Zionist military to hold people indefinitely without charging them or allowing them to stand trial.

Activists say Shalabi is in grave danger of dying and that she has lost 14 kilograms, her muscles are wasting and she is in excruciating pain.

Human rights activists have called on Tel Aviv to immediately release Hana Shalabi.

"The situation of Ms. Shalabi is morbid and life-threatening," Richard Falk, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories said earlier this month, adding, "This is an appeal to the conscience and to humanity and a desperate call to all of us."

Falk urged the international community to intervene on her behalf. "Israel ought to end its inhumane treatment of Ms. Shalabi. Release her immediately."

He noted that Ms. Shalabi's hunger strike "is against Israel's abusive use of detention without charges and the degrading and physically harsh treatment administered during her arrest, interrogation, and detention process."

Ms. Shalabi was arrested on February 16 and has been on hunger strike since. 'She is being held in solitary confinement. She has been treated inhumanely. In the presence of her family she was blindfolded and treated roughly by several of the 50 Israeli soldiers sent to arrest her, as was her brother who tried to protect her," said Falk.