SPLA engineering units is government priority

JUBA 3 July 2012(NASS) – The official spokesperson of the government of South Sudan, Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin has said that among the top priorities of government this year, from Japanese engineering contingent in South Sudan is the improvement of SPLA engineering unit.

Dr Benjamin who is also the minister for Information and Broadcasting made this remark today in an interview with the Japanese media NHK. He said the other areas of great importance are the construction of roads, bridges and intensification on capacity building program.

However, the minister lauded the hard work exerted by the Japanese engineering contingent and. The minister further reaffirmed to the government of Japan that the Japanese and the engineering contingent serving under UNMISS are safe in South Sudan.

He also appealed to the Japanese investors to venture for investment in the young republic explaining that the environment and the laws are very friendly.

Reported by Martin Jada Gabriel, NASS

Pari community donates 36 heads of cattle to SPLA

JUBA, 3 July 2012 - Pari community of Lafon County, Eastern Equatoria State on Saturday 30th June contributed thirty six (36) heads of cattle to the national government of South Sudan in support of the national army as part of the ongoing mobilization campaign.


Receiving the donation, the Deputy Minister for Defense Hon. Dr. Majak Agot Atem welcomed the donation and he called it working together to protect the country from external aggression. He said the Pari community has historically contributed to the liberation struggle of South Sudan.


“The massive enrolment of the sons and daughters of Lafon in South Sudan national army right from the beginning of the SPLA/M armed struggles in 1983 to date is a testimony of your unwavering support and contribution for total liberation of South Sudan”, he said. He said the SPLA will never give up defending the territorial integrity of the Republic of South Sudan.


The head of cattle donated by the Pari community.
[Photo: Ugila Paul]


Hon.Abdallah Kafelo, Eastern Equatorial’s State Advisor to the Governor on Political Affairs who is also the state’s head of Mobilizing Committee witnessed the handover. He said the donation symbolized unity of the people of South Sudan.


After Khartoum government’s continued aggressions on the people of South Sudan that resulted into the bitter border clashes in April, communities and organizations have been gathering support and contributions to the army. Hon. Kafelo lauded the continued support and unity of the people of South Sudan.


Present on at the handover was Hon. Charles Udwar Lafon County Constituency No.6 state member of parliament in the Eastern Equatorial Legislative among others.


Reported by Ugila Paul

Work on the new bridge on the Nile starting soon

JUBA, 29 June 2012 - Work on the new proposed new bridge on the River Nile is set to start soon after officials signed a memorandum of understanding for its commencement.

Besides the construction of the new bridge, according to the signed MOU, Japan through Japan International Cooperation (JICA) will also develop the urban water system in Juba and give a modern facelift to the Juba river port.

Speaking at the signing ceremony yesterday in Juba Mr. Hideo Fukushima, Japan’s special representative and Head of Office in South Sudan described it as a major project since the independence of South Sudan. The construction is expected to cost US Dollars $50 million and would be completed within forty months.

Juba Bridge that serves as a major link for both local and international trade is over forty years old and has broken down twice since 2008 due to heavy traffic and being old. Mr. Fukushima underscored the importance of the three projects saying they are for the economic development of the new Republic of South Sudan. He said peace consolidation in South Sudan is one of the major pillars of government of Japan’s assistance to the country.

“Peace consolidation and development are the major pillars of Japan’s assistance to the people of the Republic of South Sudan”, he said.

On the other hand Prof. Elias Nyamwell Wakoson applauded the support from the government of Japan towards the people of the Republic of South Sudan. He said the bridge is a key business link to the neighbouring countries of Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia where South Sudan gets most of its imports. He further said once completed, the new bridge would ease traffic in the city which is growing by the day.

Japan since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement has been in solidarity with the people of South Sudan and has been engaged in projects that are aimed at supporting the young nation devastated by the long civil war.

Reported by Matata Safi

South Sudan launches labour market report

JUBA, 29 June 2012 - The Republic of South Sudan held a one day seminar on world day against child labour under the theme “South Sudan Human Right and Social Justice Let end Child Labour”. The occasion also marked the launch of the South Sudan’s labour market report which includes general labour, youth and child labour market situation in South Sudan.


In his opening remarks yesterday at Regency Hotel in Juba Mr. Kwong Danhier Gatluak, the Deputy Minister of Labour Public Service and Human Resource Development expressed concern that as an emerging nation, South Sudan has a greater and urgent need to increase access to employment opportunities, develop its human resource capital especially among the youth as well as addressing unethical and indecent employment and labour practices such as child labour.


He further called for decent work in the Republic of South Sudan and applauded the commitment of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), European Union (EU) and other Development Partners for their continues support in addressing issues of child labour in the nation.


The report on labour market situation indicates that over 90 percent enter the labour force with less than primary education. This situation requires urgent need of a second chance to learning opportunities through establishment of vocational training centres (VTC) across South Sudan. Kwong acknowledge the importance of the VTC and should not be overlooked.


In the same occasion the deputy minister of Higher education and Instruction Madam Rebecca Joshua Okwaci, assured the gathering of the strategic plan to address, raise awareness and sensitise children to enrol in education programmes.


According to Valentino Kenyi Pitya, Minister of Labour Public service and Human Resource Development Central Equatoria State, to address issues of child labour and other component mention in the labour market report in South Sudan, advocacy for more action to eliminate child labour especially the worse form of it.


“Establishment of strong Institutions, National Bureau of Statistic and the support from the National Steering Committee on Child Labour should be made available in the ten states of South Sudan,” Kenyi Pitya explained.

Reported by Justin Jada Joseph and Alnour Ango

Seven RSS Ambs. bid Farewell to President Kiir

JUBA, 27 June 2012 - At least seven Republic of South Sudan Ambassadors who are assigned for a diplomatic mission outside the country today on Wednesday 27th, Juna 2012 bided farewell to the President of the Republic H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayrdit.

The Ambassadors are:


  1. Amb. ,Majok Guandong Thiep – Kenya
  2. Amb. Dr. Eluzai Mogga Yokwe – China
  3. Amb. Paul Macuei Malok – South Africa
  4. Amb. Lumumba Makelele Nyajok – Belgium & EU
  5. Amb. Philip Jada Natana – Eritrea
  6. Amb. Sammuel Luate Lominsuk – Uganda
  7. Amb. Sitona Abdallah Osman – Germany

H.E Kiir in a photo with the Ambassadors.
[Photo: Thomas Kenneth]


During the farewell ceremony, President of the Republic congratulated the Ambassadors for being appointed as the first Ambassadors to represent the new country in the world, and directed them to do more in preaching the real image of South Sudan and attract foreign investors to come and improve the infrastructure.

The Ambassadors expressed pleasure to the President for always being supportive to them and said that they are ready with the support of the President to work for the interest of the nation and implement directives of the President.

Reported by Thomas Kenneth

South Sudan statistical Yearbook 2011 launched

JUBA, 25 June 2012 - The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) last week launched the South Sudan Statistical Yearbook 2011 at Home and Away Business Centre.

In a statement by the Vice President Dr Riek Machar read out by Kwong Danheir Gatluak deputy minister for Labour Public Service and Human Resource, the VP applauded the efforts of the National Bureau of Statistics staff in collecting, compiling and analysing the comprehensive data which he said will act as reference to stakeholders and development partners in decision making so as to bring socio-economic development in the young nation.

Dr Machar asserted the firm backing of the national government in facilitating the work of the NBS Commission which he said benefits all the people of South Sudan. He explained that with the NBS report, it will be easy for the government and other players in development to correctly plan when delivering services.

Meanwhile Mr George Conway, the Resident Coordinator of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) outlined the importance of statistics saying they provide a solid base of evidence on the living condition of people in a given country which he said enables analysis of the key challenges people face whether in terms of poverty, livelihoods, food security among others.

He also said the report provides a sound basis for dialogue on policies, debate around priorities and ultimately decision making of the allocation of resources and targeting of programmes. “Statistics help us to determine what the people need most to improve their lives and where our programmes can have the greatest impact for those who need them most”, said Mr Conway.

Mr Conway expressed commitment working with the bureau towards achieving its goals of being the premier source of national statistics to support development in South Sudan. Released alongside the statistical yearbook are the National Baseline Household Survey 2009 and the South Sudan Poverty Estimates at the county level for 2008. The details of these important reports can be accessed by visiting the NBS’ web site at www.ssnbs.org.

Reported by Barnaba Mabor

Sudan told to complete withdrawal

JUBA, 25 June 2012 - The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has called Sudan to complete the withdrawal of its forces in Abyei as demanded by the UNSC resolution 2046 and African Union Peace and Security roadmap.

“Sudan still has a significant number of its oil police in Abyei”, Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin the spokesman of the government of the Republic of South Sudan said last week in a press statement. The members of the Security Council on a press release issued on the 18th of June welcomed the withdrawal from the Abyei Area of the Sudanese Armed Forces and Sudanese Police Service personnel.

They called on the Government of Sudan to complete the full withdrawal of its forces by redeploying all oil police in accordance with resolution 2046 and the 20 June 2011 Agreement on Temporary Arrangements for Security in the Abyei Area.

Dr. Marial also called on Sudan and South Sudan to urgently finalize the establishment of the Abyei Area Administration and constitute the Abyei Police Service, in accordance with their commitments in the 20 June 2011 Agreement.


Dr Marial addressing the press.
[Photo: Matata Safi]

On the other hand the UNSC underscored the urgency of immediately establishing the necessary border security mechanisms and creation of safe demilitarized Border Zones which they said must be established as stipulated in the United Nations Security Council resolution 2046.

“We are optimistic that the outstanding issues can all be resolved within the timeframe if the other party is committed in resolving these issues”, said Dr. Marial. He reaffirmed the commitment of the government of South Sudan to resolve all the outstanding issues with Sudan as per the UNSC resolution 2046 and the African Union Peace and Security roadmap.

Second phase of talks on the post independence outstanding issues of border demarcation, oil, security arrangements and citizenship, among others, with Sudan resumed last week in Addis Ababa Ethiopia after the bitter April clashes at the borders between the two countries.

Please, click here for the complete press release.

Reported by Matata Safi

Youth tipped to seek self-employment

JUBA, 25 Juba 2012 – South Sudanese youth have been urged to seek self-employment instead of staying jobless hoping for a white-collar job. This appeal was made by Madam Hellen Achiro, the Undersecretary of Labour and Industrial Relations in the Minisrty of Public Service and Human Resource Development.


Participants posing with their certificates.

Madam Achiro made these remarks when closing a five-day workshop organized by UNIDO to build the business skills of the youth. Madam Achiro urged the participants at the workshop to share the skills they had obtained with the other youth all over South Sudan. Participants were given certificates of participation.

Reported by Jogo Joice and Alnour

SPLM issues orders

JUBA, 25 June 2012 - In accordance with article 16 (12) of the SPLM Constitution 2008 and National Liberation Council Resolution No.2, the chairperson of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), General Salva Kiir Mayardit has issued the following four orders:


  1. SPLM/CPO/J/1/2012 - Formation of the committee for drafting and reviewing of the SPLM Constitution,
  2. SPLM/CPO/2/J/2012 - Formation of the committee for the drafting and reviewing of the SPLM Manifesto,
  3. SPLM/CPO/3/J/2012 - Formation of the committee for the drafting and reviewing of SPLM Internal Rules and Regulations,
  4. SPLM/CPO/4/J/2012 - Formation of the committee for drafting and reviewing of the SPLM Code of Conduct.

President’s office continues to receive valuable contributions in support of the SPLA

JUBA, 22 June 2012 - As mobilization for the support of the SPLA continuous and contributions in cash and in kind are going on, the office of the President of the Republic H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit has received on Wednesday 20th, June 2012, amount of 233,568 SSP contributed by the citizens of Eastern Equatoria state to the gallant soldiers of SPLA in support of their efforts as they defend the sovereignty and all the territories of the country.

The minister in the office of the President who received the contribution said the money will be credited to the accounts of the Army which receives contributions, and he thanked on behalf of the President the citizens of Eastern Equatoria state and all the people of South Sudan for their valuable contributions and supports for the SPLA to defend the territories of the country.


Hon. LoWilla receives the money.
[Photo: Thomas Kenneth]

Minister LoWilla also appreciated the people of South Sudan in Diaspora for not forgetting their Army and for the supports they always send in for the SPLA to defend the country. The South Sudanese community in Canada contributed 1,520 USD, and the amount has been received by the President’s office on 21st June, 2012.

Not forgetting the contributions sent in by the staff of Bank of South Sudan on June, 1st, 2012 inform of a Check with amount of 500,000 SSP and was received by the President of the Republic and C-IN-C of the SPLA H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit to support SPLA forces who are in the front line defending the Republic of South Sudan territories

Reported by Thomas Kenneth

H.E Kiir witnesses graduation of customs police officers

JUBA, 19 June 2012 - The President of the Republic and the supreme commander of the Republic of South Sudan National Police Services H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit yesterday on Monday 18th June 2012 graduated at Buluk Police Headquarters in Juba not less than 125 customs officers of different ranks. The ceremony also witnessed swearing in of the 13 police officers who are reinstated recently by a Presidential Decree.


H.E Kiir addressing the graduates.
[Photo: Thomas Kenneth]

When addressing the ceremony President Kiir congratulated the graduates and directed all units of the police to join the government and be committed in fighting the corrupt systems and serve the country with honesty. H.E Kiir urged the police not to abuse its powers but rather exert more efforts to change its image among the citizens.

President Kiir commended the efforts of the Ministry of Interior in transforming the police and said the government will always be supportive to the ministry and will avail modern equipment and quality training to help change the image of the police. He appreciated the role being played by the UN Police in training the South Sudan police forces.


Customs Police graduates taking oath before the President.
[Photo: Thomas Kenneth]

Meanwhile the minister for Interior Rtd Major General Alison Manani Magaya said despite the difficulties and challenges his ministry has started the process of transforming the police services according to the transformation action plan made by the ministry which includes high quality training of police officers. He announced that the college of police has started functioning and police academy is being established.

The minister for Finance and Economic Planning Hon. Kosti Manibe Ngai said that if anyone joined customs service with the aim of serving his/her interest will have no place in the customs. He called on the customs police graduates to win the trust of the people and be disciplined in their services.


The reinstated police officers.
[Photo: Thomas Kenneth]

Inspector General of Police, General Acuil Tito called on the police to respect the citizens. He urged the government to establish strong customs checkpoints with modern devices of checking to prevent dangerous materials entering the country. IGP called on the citizens to always provide information about any violation done by the police.

Reported by Thomas Kenneth

US urges South Sudan to pay attention to child sex trafficking

JUBA, 18 June 2012 (NASS) – The government of the United States of America has urged South Sudan government to pay attention to child sex trafficking and stop impunity for such crimes.

The ambassador of United States to South Sudan, Suzan Page said this today after a brief meeting with the Information and Broadcasting minister Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin. She said the US is not trying to accuse South Sudan’s government of organizing for sex trafficking but tryingl to bring such activities into legislation and justice to protect the vulnerable children.


Dr Benjamin meeting Ms Page.
[Photo: Ajang Monychol]

Ms Page disclosed that United States has developed a roadmap to partner with South Sudan to tackle the issue of sex trafficking especially with vulnerable like children.

Dr Benjamin said the government is waiting to see the report and is ready to be part of the roadmap to address such issues. He added that this is a very important issue which will soon be part of country’s legal structure to protect the rights of vulnerable.

Reported by Martin Jada Gabriel, News Agency of South Sudan (NASS)

Australia ready to support agriculture in South Sudan

JUBA, 18 June 2012 (NASS) – The special envoy of the Australian Prime Minister, Tim Fischer has expressed the readiness of the Australian government to boost the agricultural sector in South Sudan.

Mr Fischer who was happy with the performance of government expressed this on Friday in his courtesy call to the minister of Information and Broadcasting Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin.


He said they are launching an agricultural forum on Monday to mark the beginning of their agricultural support and food security in South Sudan. He stated that areas such as education, health and infrastructure are no exceptions either.

Dr Benjamin hailed the effort made by Australia saying South Sudan has long periods of rainfall that can allow the production of crops twice a year. Dr Benjamin urged the Australian government to also focus on rural roads to facilitate transfer of products to markets. He also appealed to the Australian government to assist in supporting South Sudan get membership in commonwealth.

Reported by Martin Jada Gabriel, News Agency of South Sudan (NASS)

“Hague is the answer to the border disputes with Sudan”, Mr Amum

JUBA, 17 June 2012 - South Sudan’s chief negotiator and Secretary General of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)Mr Pagan Amum has re-echoed the previous statement by the President of the Republic HE Salva Kiir Mayardit that South Sudan considering taking the border disputes with Sudan to the Hague for an arbitration.

Mr Amum speaking to press on Wednesday last week in Juba cited lack of cooperation from the government of Sudan in attempts to resolve the border disputes among other outstanding issues said the possibility of reaching a negotiated settlement on borders is edging out.

“Arbitration is the civilised way to settle disputes; we want Sudan to carry their maps and evidence of claiming the disputed areas, we will also carry our maps to the International Court of Arbitration and let the court judge based on the evidence provided”, he said.

He, however, said Sudan is not willing to face South Sudan in the court battle for disputed areas and is calling for more negotiations. “For how long should we be negotiating”, asked Mr Amum. He said South Sudan has been on the negotiation table with Sudan for more than six years with little achievement.

He said the government of Sudan insist to administer the disputed areas while talks go on and utilize the resources. “Sudan doesn’t want to go to the court of arbitration. Why? They don’t have the document and maps to defend their claims over these areas”, he explained.

On de-militarizing the disputed areas, he said the negotiation team was willing to adopt both maps as believed by the two parties. He explained that they had suggested that Sudan move their forces from ‘what they assume is the borderlines with South Sudan’ to what South Sudan believes is the border as of 1st January 1956, from which they move 10 kilometres into the Sudan territory.

While South Sudan on the other hand will move out of their current locations to Sudan’s assumed border line and then move 10 kilometres backwards. He said by doing so all the disputed areas would have been made conflict free and then an arbitration be called for. He said Sudan again did not comply with that idea.

He said despite Republic of South Sudan full compliance with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2046 and African Union Peace and Security roadmap, Sudan has fallen substantially short of the resolution.

He urged African Union and United Nations to utilize all necessary measures to require Sudan to comply fully even if that means imposing sanctions. He said his team will be heading for Addis Ababa on 19th June to resume in good faith and in accordance with the UNSC resolution to discuss all the outstanding issues.

Reported by Matata Safi

“Effective mass communication is what we encourage,” Dr Benjamin

JUBA, 17 June 2012 (NASS) – The minister for Information and Broadcasting, Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin has said the government of South Sudan recognizes responsible and only effective mass communication.

Dr Benjamin who is also the spokesperson of the government of South Sudan remarked this last week while opening a workshop on how to prepare the journalists for public broadcast.


Dr Benjamin addressing the journalists.
[Photo: Ajang Monychol]

He stated that the government welcomes interactive communication with the citizens so that they exactly know what the government is doing in regards to their needs. He as well pointed out the importance of public broadcast in nation building mentioning that the media bills are on the way for enactment into law.

He advised journalists to work in line or within the limits of what is agreed upon in the bills and to embrace professional ethics of conduct to avoid problems.

“Those who are taking media as fora for insulting and abusing others will have problems with the bills to be enacted into law because it doesn’t entertain such behavior”, the minister warned.

Reported by Martin Jada Gabriel, News Agency of South Sudan (NASS)

South Sudan to join commonwealth soon

JUBA, 17 June 2012 (NASS) – The Republic of South Sudan is set to join the commonwealth sooner in the upcoming months, UK ambassador to South Sudan Dr Alastair Mcphail revealed last week on Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

Dr Mcphail said Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second recognized and is proud to see South Sudan independent and will work hard to assist South Sudan becoming a commonwealth member shortly.

He stated that the government of UK remains committed to fully supporting South Sudan and promised to provide basic educational facilities next year to primary schools across the ten states of South Sudan. Dr Mcphail further advised the government to address corruption and accept being accountable to accelerate development.


Dr Benjamin stresses a point during the celebration.
[Photo: Ajang Monychol]

The minister for Information and Broadcasting, Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin commended the assistance availed by Her Majesty saying the government of South Sudan remains committed to development despite challenges from Khartoum.

Dr Benjamin said South Sudan is also committed to UN Security Council Resolution 2046 and the AU roadmap. He as well urged UK government to support South Sudan austerity budget to reduce the burden the country is carrying.

Reported by Martin Jada Gabriel, News Agency of South Sudan

South Sudan solicits Eritrea to advise Bashir

JUBA, 17 June 2012 (NASS) – South Sudan government has urged the government of the Republic of Eritrea to advise President Bashir on the importance of the ongoing talks in Addis Ababa.

The minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin made this appeal last week while briefing the Eritrean delegation on the current situation of the country. He told the Eritrean delegation that Khartoum government is not genuine in negotiation despite South Sudan’s commitment to peace process.


Dr Benjamin meeting the Eritrean delegation.
[Photo: Ajang Monychol]

Advisor to Eritrean President, Yemane Ghebreab said Eritrean solidarity to South Sudan will never change until the young nation is strong and prosperous. He told Dr Benjamin that Eritrea’s position is to see North and South Sudan peaceful so as to facilitate development in the region.

He further assured south Sudan that the idea of constructing pipeline through Eritrea is possible and there’s no problem in that.

Reported by Martin Jada Gabriel, News Agency of South Sudan

President Kiir inaugurates CFC Stanbic Bank branch in Juba

JUBA, 12 June 2012 - The President of the Republic H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit today on Tuesday 12th June 2012 inaugurated a new South African based commercial bank branch in Juba known as CFC Stanbic Bank (CFC stands for Credit Finance Corporation), located south of the MTN headquarters.


The CFC Stanbic Bank is is a member of Standard Bank Group and formalized in South Sudan as a commercial bank No. 13 out of 14 registered commercial banks in the country. But, the Bank of South Sudan described it as the second in the community of banking sector for its maturity. (as Governor of BoSS Mr. Koryom asserted).


H.E Kiir cuts a piece of cake in the ceremony.
[Photo: Thomas Kenneth]

When addressing the inauguration ceremony, President of the Republic said South Sudan looks forward to opening more commercial banks because they play a great role in economic development through sensible investment and provision of vital service to the people. President Kiir urged CFC Stanbic Bank's leadership to establish a strong foundation in the country and open more branches in other states. He urged  the bank to create business opportunities, employ the local staff and treat its customers equally. President Kiir recognizes a tremendous role being played by the Business community in boosting the economy of the country.

Meanwhile the deputy minister for Finance and Economic Planning Hon Dr. Awou Marila said the inauguration of CFC Stanbic Bank in Juba is one of the solutions for the economic problems the Republic of South Sudan was looking for, and the bank will reduce costs of looking for money. Dr. Awou affirmed the Republic of South Sudan is a virgin country which has abundant opportunity of investment.


H.E Kiir inaugurates CFC Stanbic Bank in South Sudan.
[Photo: Thomas Kenneth]

CFC Stanbic Bank's Chief Executive Mr. Krist Mission, said opening of the bank branch in Juba was to deepen the bilateral relationships and to support the government and people of South Sudan in financial system, marketing management and create environment for transparency and accountability.

Reported by Thomas Kenneth