Stanford Facts: Introduction

Greetings from President Hennessy


President John Hennessy

President John Hennessy

Thank you for your interest in Stanford University. As its 10th president and a faculty member since 1977, I think Stanford is a very special place.

Stanford is recognized as one of the world’s leading universities, and our students have opportunities to participate in a remarkable range of activities. Through academic courses taught by renowned professors, research and public service opportunities, and an extraordinary breadth of extracurricular activities — Stanford University prepares students to take on the great challenges of the day and become the next generation of leaders.

Multidisciplinary research and teaching are at the heart of recent university-wide initiatives on human health, the environment and sustainability, international affairs and the arts. These initiatives offer our faculty and students opportunities for collaboration across disciplines that will be key to future advances.

Our undergraduate students are an important part of these efforts. Stanford undergraduates have opportunities to study with faculty in small classes from their first days on campus, participate in study abroad or spend a quarter in Washington, D.C. Many students become involved in faculty research or develop their own projects and discover the excitement of being at the edge of a field and advancing the frontier of knowledge.

The pioneering spirit that inspired Jane and Leland Stanford to establish this university more than a century ago encourages boldness in everything we do — whether those efforts occur in the library, in the classroom, in a laboratory, in a theater or on an athletic field.

We hope that you, too, find your place at Stanford.