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12:28 | 2012-08-12

Foriegn Policy

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Tehran: Lifting Visa Exemption for Visit to Iran "Temporary Measure"

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran said that it has lifted visa exemption for visits to the country for a short period of time near the Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, and rejected false media reports on the decision.

In a letter to Turkey's Milliyet daily on Saturday, Media office of the Iranian embassy in Ankara criticized the daily for its distorted report about Iran's decision.

The letter said that Milliyet published an article on August 9 "Iran Wants Visa" without mentioning that it is a temporary measure for three weeks.

The letter stated that the author of the report has ignored the reports available on Turkish national media and Turkish Foreign Ministry officials' statements about the move.

The Embassy made it clear Iran has already announced that the Turkish nationals and citizens of all other countries which have signed visa exemption agreement with Iran need to get visa for a three-week period on the occasion of Summit of Leaders Non-Aligned Movement due to be held in Tehran.

The 16th NAM summit will be held in Tehran from August 26 to 31.

Iran will assume the rotating presidency of the movement from Egypt for three years during the upcoming summit.

NAM is comprised of some 120 member states and 17 observer countries.