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16:39 - 2012-03-02

Polling Stations Overwhelmed by Voters

Election Photos (2):

Polling stations in Northern Tehran
Polling stations in Tehran's Northern neighborhoods, home to high-income citizens, are crowded by voters the same as other polling centers across the capital
The long queues of voters in the Northern neighborhoods of the capital reveal the untruthfulness of the western media reports alleging that polling centers are experiencing a cold day in Northern Tehran
Voters at a polling station in Northern Tehran
People of Tehran started arriving at the polling stations and standing in long queues even before voting started this morning
Iranians on Friday began voting in the country's ninth parliamentary elections deemed as a message to the West, the US in particular
Polling stations opened at 8 a.m. (0430 GMT) Friday morning and were due to close at 6:00 p.m. (1430 GMT), but voting hours have been extended until 8 p.m. due to the high public turnout
Polling has been heavy since 8 a.m.
People standing in queues at polling stations in the Northern neighborhoods of the capital, home to high-income citizens
Polling stations in Northern Tehran
According to FNA dispatches from Hosseiniyeh Ershad polling station in Northern Tehran, people are standing in long queues to vote for their favorite candidates with foreign and Iranian reporters covering the event
Meantime, Head of Iran's Elections Headquarters Seyed Solat Mortazavi said on Friday that despite the massive negative propaganda launched by the western media to dissuade the Iranian people from voting in the parliamentary elections, high public turnout has been reported all throughout the country
The large public participation in the elections in the Northern neighborhoods of Tehran comes as the Western media alleged that public turnout has been low in the Northern parts of the capital
People standing in long queues to vote for their favorite candidates at polling stations in Northern Tehran, including Qolhak Mosque and Hosseiniyeh Ershad