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17:59 | 2012-04-14


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Iran Proposes Establishment of Regional, Int'l Bodies to Reduce Organized Crimes

TEHRAN (FNA)- First Deputy Head of the Iranian Judiciary Seyed Ebrahim Rayeesi described cyber crimes, drugs, violence, assassination and organized crimes as common threats endangering all the world nations, and proposed establishment of regional and global bodies to combat and lower the rate of such crimes.

"Today, at least four common threats, including cyber crimes, illicit drugs, violence and assassination, and organized economic crimes have endangered the security of all the world nations," Rayeesi said, adding that the root causes of such crimes should be identified with the help of a number of international mechanisms far from the influence of the big powers.

"Hence, the Islamic Republic of Iran proposes to establish one or several regional and international bodies with a different and non-profit-seeking approach to codify proper judiciary laws and mechanisms to reduce these types of threats," the deputy head of the Iranian judiciary said.

Iranian officials have always called for security cooperation among all regional and world states in a bid to effectively confront organized crimes.

"Security cooperation and coordination among the relevant bodies of the regional states is one of the best deterrent means against such threats (organized crimes)," Iran's Deputy Interior Minister for Security and Law Enforcement Affairs Ali Abdollahi said at the 2nd Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Senior Experts' meeting here in Tehran in 2010.

"We believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran and other regional states, with independent national values, are able to draw their interests under the current atmosphere and regulate, adopt and pursue joint security policies through regional convergence," Abdollahi stated.

He cited security issues, including terrorism, illegal migration, human-trafficking, illicit-drugs, arms trades and money laundering as the most important challenges faced by the international system besides other important trade and economic issues.