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2012-07-16 - 12:52

Tehran Mayor to Run in Presidential Election

TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran Mayor Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf will run in Iran's presidential elections next year, one of his aides announced on Monday.

"Qalibaf will definitely take part in the 11th round of the presidential election and he will run as a candidate in the election," Qalibaf's advisor Mohammad Nabi Roudaki told FNA.

Also informed sources told FNA that Qalibaf will submit his resignation letter from his current post in February to run for the upcoming presidential election.

During the last presidential election in 2009, the Tehran Mayor ruled out that he had plans to take part in the next presidential elections.

"I have never been after power or responsibility," Qalibaf had told MNA at the time.

Qalibaf came fourth in the country's 2005 presidential elections. Shortly afterwards, the former police chief was appointed as the mayor of Iran's capital, Tehran.