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Non-Aligned Movement Summit Kicks Off in Tehran

TEHRAN (FNA)- The 16th heads-of-state summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) started work here in Tehran on Thursday morning under Iran's presidency, a platform for anti-Western sentiments and grievances over big-power domination. Photos: - 2012-08-30

Who is Worse, Zionists or Nazi?
Photos:   -   2012-09-03

Ahmadinejad Receives North Korea's Senior Envoy to Tehran
Photos:   -   2012-09-01

UN Chief Leaves Iran after Meeting with Islamic Republic Officials
Photos:   -   2012-08-31

Leaders of NAM Member States Meet Iranian Supreme Leader on Ties, Cooperation
Photos:    -   2012-08-31

Iran Displays Scientific Achievements to NAM Leaders
Photos:    -   2012-08-31

Second Day of NAM Summit on Joint World Management (2)
Photos:   -   2012-08-31

Second Day of NAM Summit on Joint World Management (1)
Photos:   -   2012-08-31

World Leaders Address NAM Summit on Joint World Management
Photos:   -   2012-08-30

NAM Leaders Pose for a Photo
Photos:   -   2012-08-30

NAM Summit Inaugural Ceremony Kicks Off in Tehran
Photos:   -   2012-08-30

Iranian, Egyptian Presidents Hold Bilateral Talks
Photos:   -   2012-08-30

Egyptian President Arrives in Tehran
Photos:   -   2012-08-30

Iranian Leader Meets UN Chief
Photos:   -   2012-08-29

Sidelines of NAM Meeting in Tehran
Photos:   -   2012-08-29

Iranian Speaker, UN Chief at Joint Press Conference in Tehran
Photos:   -   2012-08-29

Iranian President, UN Chief Discuss Regional Developments
Photos:   -   2012-08-29

UN Chief Meets Iranian Speaker
Photos:   -   2012-08-29

Ban Ki-moon Arrives in Tehran
Photos:   -   2012-08-29

Family Members of Martyred N. Scientists Go to NAM Summit Venue
Photos:   -   2012-08-28

Iran Unveils 8 Home-Made Drugs
Photos:    -   2012-08-28

Iran's IAEA Envoy Briefs Media on N. Stances on Sidelines of NAM Summit
Photos:   -   2012-08-28

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Ban Ki-moon Arrives in Tehran

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