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10:57 | 2012-09-11


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Envoy Asks IAEA to Respect Iran's Security Considerations in N. Case

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Residing Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency Ali Asqar Soltaniyeh called on the IAEA to respect the country's security considerations about its peaceful nuclear program.

"As we have proved during the past years, we will continue to interact with the agency to prove the baseless nature of claims (against Iran) but the framework for our work should be undoubtedly determined first," Soltaniyeh said on Monday.

"As long as the main considerations pertaining to Iran's national security and our basic demand on presenting alleged documents by the IAEA are not included in the text, the framework will not be agreed upon," he added.

The Iranian diplomat further stated that there have been differences of opinion during talks between Iran and the IAEA and some of them have been already resolved.

Earlier this month, Soltaniyeh has blasted certain members of the IAEA for pressuring the UN nuclear watchdog to release the technical aspects of other members' nuclear program before completion and conclusion.

"When the totally technical issues are publicized, it leads to a political hue and cry, which impedes the progress of the work," Soltaniyeh said, adding it will also undermine the IAEA's credibility as well as the trust between the member states and the secretariat.

Soltaniyeh also criticized attempts to make a political fuss over completely technical issues in the IAEA reports on Tehran's nuclear energy program.