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Envoy: UN Atomic Report Endorses Peaceful Nature of Iran's N. Activities
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Envoy to the UN nuclear watchdog agency Ali Asqar Soltaniyeh stressed that the recent report released by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran approved the peaceful nature and transparency of the country's nuclear activities. ( 11:04:24 - 2012/05/26)

Germany Ready to Find Diplomatic Solution to Iran's N. Issue
TEHRAN (FNA)- Germany reiterated on Friday that it is ready to find a political and diplomatic solution to Tehran's nuclear standoff with the West, saying that Berlin is also prepared to provide Iran with nuclear technical assistance. ( 16:06:20 - 2012/05/25)

IAEA Chief Sees Deal with Iran Soon
TEHRAN (FNA)- International Atomic Energy Agency Chief Yukiya Amano said he has reached a deal with Iran on visiting the IAEA's demanded military site, adding that the agreement will "be signed quite soon". ( 17:38:59 - 2012/05/24)

Iran: Meetings with IAEA Head Paves Way for Negotiations with 5+1
TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran said its talks Monday with the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency helped lay the groundwork for progress in upcoming negotiations. ( 17:38:47 - 2012/05/24)

Iran, IAEA Work out Plan for Increased Cooperation
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran and the United Nations nuclear watchdog agreed to boost cooperation, and Tehran accepted to allow the UN agency visit a military site after the two sides worked out an action plan as demanded by Iran. ( 17:38:33 - 2012/05/24)

Ecuador Voices Support for Iran's N. Rights
TEHRAN (FNA)- Ecuador's Minister of Foreign Relations, Foreign Trade and Integration Ricardo Patino Aroca underlined his nation's support for Iran's right to access nuclear technology. ( 18:44:27 - 2012/05/23)

Judiciary Chief Dismisses Compromise on Iran's Enrichment Rights
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani rejected the possibility of a compromise on the country's enrichment rights during the current negotiations between Tehran and the six world powers in Baghdad. ( 17:43:37 - 2012/05/23)

Spokesman Rejects Reports about Transfer of Iran's Enriched Uranium to Iraq
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi Government Spokesman Ali al-Dabbaq on Wednesday strongly rejected some western media reports alleging that Iran and the world powers have agreed on transferring and storing Iran's enriched uranium in Iraq. ( 17:04:56 - 2012/05/23)

Iranian Experts Place Fuel Plates into Heart of Tehran Research Reactor
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) announced that the country's experts have placed home-made fuel plates into the heart of the Tehran Research Reactor. ( 13:29:24 - 2012/05/23)

Iran Asks for IAEA's Balanced Approach towards Member States
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi in a meeting with Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano called on the IAEA to adopt a balanced attitude towards members states and defend their rights to access nuclear energy. ( 12:46:25 - 2012/05/22)

Top Negotiator: Iran to Actively Cooperate with IAEA on Disarmament
TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili reiterated Tehran's commitment to the global nuclear disarmament, saying the Islamic Republic will actively cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to disarm the world from nuclear weapons. ( 10:58:07 - 2012/05/22)

Amano: IAEA to Further Expand Cooperation with Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano, in a meeting with Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Fereidoun Abbasi in Tehran on Monday, underlined eagerness of the UN nuclear watchdog to further develop cooperation with Iran in various areas of nuclear applications. ( 18:35:32 - 2012/05/21)

IAEA Chief in Iran to Hold N. Talks
TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano arrived in Tehran on Monday morning to hold talks with the Iranian officials on different aspects of the country's peaceful nuclear program. ( 11:05:43 - 2012/05/21)

MP: Amano's Visit to Iran Can Entail Positive Outcomes for Iran-Powers Talks
TEHRAN (FNA)- The upcoming visit to Iran by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Chief can yield positive results for the settlement of Iran-West nuclear debates if Yukiya Amano acts upon his legal and technical obligations, rather than pursuing a political agenda, a senior Iranian legislator said. ( 17:59:06 - 2012/05/20)

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