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15:26 | 2012-09-12


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First Well of South Pars Phase 19 Hits Gas Reservoir

TEHRAN (FNA)- The first exploration well at South Pars gas field phase 19 reached the field's reservoir at the depth of 3,705 meters.

Speaking to Shana, operator of the South Pars gas field phase 19 Hamid Reza Masoudi said final drilling results would be announced in next 20 days at the latest.

Drilling of the first well at South Pars Phase 19 was done successfully in location C of K4 layer, the official said.

Stating that 15 wells including 13 developmental wells and 2 explanatory wells will be drilled in Phase 19, the official said five wells would be drilled in A, B and C locations respectively.

"Under planning, SPD2 platform will be handed over to Phase 19 where 21 wells will produce gas including 15 wells in Phase 19's platforms and 6 other wells in South Pars phase 1 platform."

According to Masoudi, A,B,C and SPD2 platforms will have the capacity to produce 2.4 billion cubic feet of gas per day.

Development plan of South Pars gas field phase 19 aims at extraction of two billion cubic feet of sour gas per day that will be converted to 1.8 billion cubic meters of sweet gas, 2,500 tons of ethane, 2,500 tons of propane, 1,200 tons of butane, 80 thousand barrels of gas liquids and 400 tons of sulfur.

SP's 1st phase has two platforms that under new planning, one of them will produce one billion cubic feet of gas per day and another one including its six production wells will be transferred to SP's phase 19.

Based on new planning, it is expected gas production at Phase 19, as the nearest block to maritime border in the Persian Gulf, to rise by 25 percent.