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14:14 | 2012-09-11


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Jordanian Salafi Group Threatens to Wage Terrorist Attacks in Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of Jordan's Salafi terrorist group said that his extremist forces plan to join al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Syria in a bid to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

According to a report by Arabi Press news website, Mohammed al-Shlbi, known as Abu Sayyaf, who is the leader of Takfiri-Salafi group in Jordan, affiliated to the Al-Qaeda terrorist group, said that the group will intensify attacks in Syria in its regime change attempts in the country.

He had earlier admitted that over 100 Jordanian members of the group are already fighting against the Syrian government.

In August, a Jordanian terrorist detained at the Syrian border while smuggling arms and ammunitions for terrorist and rebel groups revealed in his confession that Salafi extremist groups in Jordan are supporting Syrian rebels and their sabotage activities.

Abdul Rahman Jamal said at the time that members of a Salafi group in Jordan had encouraged and helped him to move into Syria in a bid to fight the country's ruler (Bashar al-Assad.)

Jamal said that he was tasked with supplying guns and ammunitions to so-called Free Syrian Army.

"Unfortunately, we were puppets in their (Salafi groups) hands since they had no policy but destruction and annihilation. They looked at us as a means of attaining their interests," the detained terrorist stated.

The US and Israel and a number of Arab regimes are arming and training and funding terrorist groups in Syria.

Many senior analysts and political experts in the Middle-East are concerned about the growing alliance between the US and the Al Qaeda terrorist group, cautioning that Washington is reviving the group to target security of the region.