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13:38 | 2012-08-30


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Cinema Official Calls "Holly Defense Cinema" Favorite Iranian Genre

TEHRAN (FNA)- Seyed Alireza Sajad Pour, an Iranian cinema official, believes that the genre of Holly Defense is the dignity of Islamic Revolution cinema.

"Holly Defense genre is the most original genre in Iranian cinema and more attention should be paid to it, indeed Moqavemat Film Festival can be considered as one of the most critical and important film festivals," Sajadpour said.

The question how the younger generation should associate itself with the Holly Defense is the favorite subject for the well-known director Jamal Shourjeh who believes making films with the subject of Holly Defense can be a help and provide an insight for our young generation.

Sajadpor insisted that a remarkable part of Holly Defense has still remained unexplored.

"The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei's emphasis on making films about Holly Defense and the great martyrs of war help to unveil the truth for people," he said.

Sajadpour also added that holding film festivals such as Moqavemat International Film Festival is encouraging for producing aesthetic and glorious films and he hopes 12th MIFF can be a pioneer in this field.

Ali Ruein the Iranian cineaste also said, "I believe that Moqavemat International Film Festival is highly important and inspiring."

Ruein asserted that we should courageously and sincerely serve battlefields culture with their potential and characteristics.

Saeid Sa'adi, a film producer, noted that film festivals can encourage filmmakers to make films with a new insight and he hopes this is not just limited to the festival time.

Mohammad Soufi the Chief of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting said that holding seminars, meetings and festivals are required for us to establish our policies, strategies and principles about Holly Defense cinema.

Mohsen Ali Akbari said, Holly Defense and Moqavemat Film Festival can be encouraging and impressive and it can help the development of this genre.

12th Moqavemat International Film Festival with the cooperation of Islamic Revolution and Holly Defense Committee and Iranian Cinema Organization with the approach of "Moqavemat, Insight, and Glory" will be held in different sections including the Iranian Competition section, International competition, and Golden Pen. Also the festival will hold tributes and workshops with cineastes in attendance to introduce the remarkable role of Iranians dealing with enemies and economic sanctions also their international scientific achievements, resistance and Islamic awakening, resistance against terrorism, and international Zionism.

12th Moqavemat International Film Festival will be held 24 -28 September 2012 in Kerman, Iran.