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18:39 | 2012-05-07


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Kazakh Analyst Surprised at Differences between Western Propaganda, Realities in Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Kazakh political analyst who is on a visit to Iran said she was strongly surprised to see that all the negative propaganda of the western media about Iran was just a lie.

"Those who come to Iran for the first time witness a deep difference between Iran's realities and what the western media say about Iran," Lidia Timofinko, a senior analyst at Kazakhstan's Strategic Studies Center, said in a meeting with Fars News Agency Managing-Director Seyed Nezameddin Moussavi here in Tehran on Monday.

Washington and its western allies have always sought to tarnish Iran's face in the world to attain their ominous goals against the country.

Iranian officials, specially Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, have on many occasions stated that enemies of the Iranian nation have left no stone unturned to isolate Iran, including continued efforts and plots for spreading Iranophobia, although to no avail.

They have also warned that enemies of the region are seeking to sell their arms through spreading Iranophobia in the region; but the tourists who have visited Iran have underlined that what they witnessed in Iran was totally different from what they heard and saw in the western media.

The latest figures released by Iran's tourism organization show that the number of the foreign tourists arriving in Iran has been on the increase all throughout the last few years.

According to Iran's Tourism Organization, cultural tourists comprise a majority of the foreigners - mainly from European countries, including Germany and France - who visit Iran.