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2012-05-31 - 12:12

Toronto Hosting Iran's Shahnameh Exhibition

TEHRAN (FNA)- An exhibition of illustrations of Shahnameh, a magnum poetic opus by the Persian poet Ferdowsi, is being held at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Canada.

The exhibition is displaying works by Iranian artists from the past, including several illustrations from the "Shah Tahmassebi" version of Shahnameh (the Book of Kings).

According to the organizers of the event, the show has brought together specimens of the epic poem illustration preserved at McGill University, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and the ROM.

The exhibition will run until September 3, 2012 to introduce the Persian literary masterpiece to the world.

Ferdowsi devoted over 35 years of his life to the creation of Shahnameh (The Book of Kings), which is considered one of the masterpieces of Persian literature, and has had considerable influence on subsequent literary works.

Ferdowsi, one of the greatest Iranian poets, was born in 935 CE in a small village named Paj near Tous in Khorassan, which is situated in today's Khorassan Razavi province in Iran.

The romance of Zaal and Rudaba, the Seven Stages (or Labors) of Rostam, Rostam and Sohrab, Siavash and Sudaba, Rostam and Akvan Div, the romance of Bizhan and Manizheh and Rostam and Esfandyar are among the most popular stories of Shahnameh.

A bust of Ferdowsi was installed at the University of Oxford's Wadham College Library on May 8.