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Syrian Army Purging Aleppo of Terrorists
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army forces are preparing for massive operations in Karam Al-Jabal neighborhood in the north of Aleppo city to purge terrorists from the city. ( 18:48:51 - 2012/10/08)

Anti-Drone Peace March Halted in Pakistan
TEHRAN (FNA)- A protest march against US drone strikes in Pakistan, led by former cricket star turned politician Imran Khan, came to a halt after authorities blocked access to the demonstration's final destination in the tribal region, officials said. ( 18:47:59 - 2012/10/08)

Syrian Minister Blames Ankara for Border Clashes
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian Information Minister Omran Zoabi said that Ankara is responsible for unrests of Syria's regions near its border with Turkey. ( 17:42:20 - 2012/10/08)

Al-Jazeera Aires New Footages of Iranian Pilgrims Abducted in Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- An Arabic satellite television network broadcast fresh footages of the 48 Iranian pilgrims who were abducted in Syria almost two months ago. ( 17:41:34 - 2012/10/08)

Mitt Romney Vows to Arm Syrian Terrorists with Heavy Weapons If Elected
TEHRAN (FNA)- US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said he will arm Syrian rebels with heavy weapons such as tanks, helicopters and fighter jets if elected as US president. ( 17:36:05 - 2012/10/08)

People in Turkey Stage Rally against Parliament's War Mandate
TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkish people continued demonstrations in the capital Ankara this week to voice their protest against the recent parliament mandate for cross-border military operations against Syria. ( 15:51:25 - 2012/10/08)

Terrorist Commander: Forces Loyal to Assad Infiltrating Free Syrian Army
TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the so-called 'Free Syrian Army' Riad al-Asaad acknowledged that forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have penetrated his rebel group. ( 15:48:02 - 2012/10/08)

Top 9 Astonishing Police Brutality Videos Caught on Surveillance Cameras
TEHRAN (FNA)- The internet is full of videos exposing police officers' use of excessive physical force against American citizens. Every year in fact there seems to be an increase in YouTube video uploads, video views, and news stories depicting this type of injustice. ( 15:10:42 - 2012/10/08)

Anti-Austerity Protests Grip 56 Spanish Cities
TEHRAN (FNA)- Tens of thousands of people marched in 56 Spanish cities Sunday to protest punishing austerity cuts they say will only increase unemployment and job insecurity in a country experiencing its second recession in three years and record high unemployment. ( 14:52:16 - 2012/10/08)

Egypt to US: Era of 'Yes, Sir' Gone
TEHRAN (FNA)- Veteran Egyptian diplomat Amr Moussa said "the era of 'yes sir' has to come to an end." ( 14:50:53 - 2012/10/08)

Israel Looking for Pretext to Attack Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Zionist media reported on October 4 that a group of 50 armed Syrian rebels had approached Syria's border with Israel, and a few days later the Zionist leaders said that the war between Israel and Syria was near. ( 13:57:11 - 2012/10/08)

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Wins Re-Election
TEHRAN (FNA)- President Hugo Chavez won re-election Sunday, defeating challenger Henrique Capriles and gaining six more years to cement his legacy and press ahead with his move for socialism in Venezuela. ( 12:50:57 - 2012/10/08)

Serbian PM Criticizes EU for Supporting Gay Rallies
TEHRAN (FNA)- Serbia's Prime Minister lambasted the EU for pressuring him to allow gay rallies to receive entry ticket to the European Union, cautioning that the overwhelming majority of the Serbian nation who are strongly opposed to homosexuality would have shed the blood of gays if he had allowed the parade to take place. ( 18:21:07 - 2012/10/07)

Dozens Arrested at San Francisco Protest
TEHRAN (FNA)- About 22 protesters were arrested in a San Francisco protest rally after police officers charged and clashed with them. ( 18:14:17 - 2012/10/07)

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