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18:01 - 2012-09-14

Iranians Stage Nationwide Rallies against Blasphemous US-Israeli Movie


Large crowds of the Iranian people in Tehran and other cities across the country held nationwide rallies on Friday to join Libyans and Egyptians in protest against a recent desecration of Islam in a sacrilegious movie produced by an Israeli-American man in the US
Iranians stage nationwide rallies against blasphemous US-Israeli movie
The rallies against the blasphemous movie were held after the Friday prayers ceremonies in Tehran and other cities across Iran
The Iranian protesters chant "Death to the US" and "Death to Israel" slogans
Iranian demonstrators express disgust at the US and the Zionist regime's anti-Islam policies
Angry protestors burn US flag in protest against sacrilege of Islam
Millions of Iranians take to streets concurrent with similar demonstrations across the Muslim world against a recent sacrilege of Islam
Iranian demonstrators set fire on a US flag condemning the US policies for the recent desecration of Islam in an American movie
Hundreds of millions of people staged similar rallies across the Muslim world on Friday to show their wrath against the sacrilege of Islam's Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the American film
Last night, Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei blamed the US and the Zionists for the sacrilege of Muslims' Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in a movie made by an American-Israeli man, and called on Washington to punish those behind the blasphemous act
Iranian officials at the Friday rally against sacrilege of Muslim prophet
In a statement issued on Thursday, the Iranian supreme leader said the US and Zionists' hands can be seen behind the move, and said if Washington statesmen claim to be not involved in this sacrilege of Islam and Islamic values, they should punish those who have designed and orchestrated the move
"The number one suspects in this crime are Zionism and the US. If the American politicians are honest that they had no role, then they must punish those who committed this heinous crime and their financial backers, who have wrenched the hearts of Muslim nations, in proportion to this great crime," Ayatollah Khamenei said
Outrage is growing across the Muslim world over the five-million-US dollar movie that was financed by more than 100 Jews
Also on Thursday, senior Iranian Shiite and Sunni clerics condemned the sacrilegious movie, and warned the US of Muslims' harsher protests against the desecration of their values
Since Tuesday, people in Egypt, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Morocco and Tunisia have staged continued rallies against the film and its producers and financers, condemning the US and the Zionist regime as the main culprits behind the crime
Crowds gathered after Friday prayers in different Muslim countries to stage demonstration in condemnation of the US and Israeli policies against Islam
Demonstrations that began earlier this week in Egypt and Libya spread to other areas, including Iran, Yemen, Morocco, Iraq and Bangladesh
Angry protestors burn US flag in protest against sacrilege of Islam