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17:46 - 2012-09-17

Iranian Students Stage Second Rally in Condemnation of Anti-Islam Movie


Iranian students stage 2nd rally in condemnation of anti-Islam movie
Students of most universities in the Iranian capital on Monday stage protest rallies to condemn a blasphemous US movie insulting Islam's Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)
Students of Islamic Azad University stage a protest at the Arts and Architecture College in Tehran on Monday morning to protest at the sacrilegious movie produced by an Israeli-American man in the United States
Similar protests rallies are also held at Amir-Kabir University and Khajeh Nassiroddin Tousi University in central Tehran
The students chant "Death to the US", "Death to Israel" and "Silence of a Muslim Means Betraying the Holy Quran" slogans
Protestors express disgust at the US and the Zionist regime's anti-Islam policies
A large number of Iranian university students staged a similar protest rally in front of the Swiss embassy in Tehran - which hosts the US interests section in Iran - Thursday afternoon
Iranian students march in condemnation of a US-produced anti-Islam movie, named "Innocence of Muslims"
In a final statement issued at the end of the rally on Thursday, the students said, "Based on article 7 of the UN Charter, any country which endangers the global security should account for its acts and we urge international organizations to seriously ask the US to present explanations"
In the statement, the students also warned about the enemies' warmongering plots which seek to create rift among the Muslims and Christians, and said the followers of different religions will foil the enemies' plots by their vigilance and unity
They also called on all the world Muslims to condemn the blasphemous movie and its producers and boycott Youtube for its refusal to remove the trailer of the movie from its footages
Protestors express disgust at the US and the Zionist regime's anti-Islam policies