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14:47 | 2012-10-06


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Iran Unveils New Computer Game Depicting Tel-Aviv as Center of Events

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran on Saturday released a computer game named "The Age of Might" with the central theme of events happening in Tel-Aviv in the occupied Palestinian territories.

"The Age of Might", unveiled by Iran's Students Basij (volunteer forces) in a ceremony in Tehran today, is the first computer game which simulates Tel-Aviv with a series of events taking place in the city.

There are yet reports on the details of the game.

Iran has recently accelerated production of computer and video games for the younger generation.

The Iranian Army's first produced video game titled "Battle in Gulf of Aden" was unveiled in a ceremony in Tehran earlier this month at the presence of Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari.

The computer game which was produced using the powerful motor of "Unity" and enjoying a professional graphic and sounding displays the Iranian Navy's mighty presence in the international waters and Navy commandoes' fight with the pirates in the Gulf of Aden.

Iran released its first three-dimensional video game, the Age of Heroes, in 2009, which was designed based on the stories narrated in the Persian epic poet Ferdowsi's magnum opus, Shahnameh.

Meantime, after the US programmers in an open war of media developed "Battlefield 3" depicting a US assault on Iran, the Iranian computer game programmers announced that they would soon release "Attack on Tel Aviv" in a retaliatory move.

Executive-Manager of Iran's National Foundation of Computer Games Behrooz Minaei told FNA in December that the foundation will fund the project, and announced that many Iranian computer game programmers have voiced preparedness to contribute a role in the project.

Minaei said that Battlefield 3 has many technical and video faults, adding that the location of the game in Tehran is "unacceptable".

He said that Iran has sent letters to the US videogame company, Electronic Arts (EA), and voiced its protest at the latest version of Battlefield, but the opposite side has not yet responded to the letter.