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Radius of Black Hole Measured for First Time
TEHRAN (FNA)- The point of no return: In astronomy, it's known as a black hole -- a region in space where the pull of gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape. Black holes that can be billions of times more massive than our sun may reside at the heart of most galaxies. Such supermassive black holes are so powerful that activity at their boundaries can ripple throughout their host galaxies. ( 09:47:47 - 2012/09/29)

Old Streambed on Martian Surface Found
TEHRAN (FNA)- NASA's Curiosity rover mission has found evidence a stream once ran vigorously across the area on Mars where the rover is driving. There is earlier evidence for the presence of water on Mars, but this evidence -- images of rocks containing ancient streambed gravels -- is the first of its kind. ( 09:46:47 - 2012/09/29)

Study: Loss of Species Makes Nature More Sensitive to Climate Change
TEHRAN (FNA)- Findings of a new study revealed that when we wipe out the most sensitive species, human beings reduce the resilience of ecosystems to climate change. ( 12:27:13 - 2012/09/28)

Dioxin Causes Disease, Reproductive Problems across Generations
TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists found that even if all the dioxin used by the US in Agent Orange in Vietnam war were eliminated from the planet, its legacy would live on in the way it turns genes on and off in the descendants of people exposed over the past half century. ( 12:23:17 - 2012/09/28)

Antibiotics Could Replace Surgery for Appendicitis
TEHRAN (FNA)- Although the standard approach to acute appendicitis is to remove the appendix, findings of a study revealed that treatment with antibiotics can be just as effective as surgery. ( 12:47:16 - 2012/09/27)

Scientists Make Old Muscles Young Again
TEHRAN (FNA)- An international team of scientists identified for the first time a key factor responsible for declining muscle repair during aging, and discovered how to halt the process in mice with a common drug. ( 12:45:03 - 2012/09/27)

Iran to Hold Int'l Workshop on Nanotechnology Applications in Food Chain
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Research Institute for Food Science and Technology of Iran in association with ISEKI-Food Association is due to hold an International Educational Workshop on Nanotechnology Applications in Food Chain from November 10 to 11, 2012. ( 11:56:24 - 2012/09/26)

Human Brains Outpace Chimp Brains in Womb
TEHRAN (FNA)- Humans' superior brain size in comparison to their chimpanzee cousins traces all the way back to the womb. That's according to a study reported in the September 25 issue of Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, that is the first to track and compare brain growth in chimpanzee and human fetuses. ( 10:12:40 - 2012/09/26)

Language Use: Simpler Than Previously Thought?
TEHRAN (FNA)- For more than 50 years, language scientists have assumed that sentence structure is fundamentally hierarchical, made up of small parts in turn made of smaller parts, like Russian nesting dolls. ( 10:07:17 - 2012/09/26)

Gas Detecting Nanosensors Synthesized through Polymerization of Pyrrole
TEHRAN (FNA)- Naader Alizadeh and Sajjad Pirsa, researchers from Tarbiat Modarres University in Tehran, managed to fabricate nanosensors for pollutant gas leak detection through polymerization of pyrrole. ( 11:17:58 - 2012/09/25)

Eye Proteins Have Germ-Killing Power
TEHRAN (FNA)- When it comes to germ-busting power, the eyes have it, according to a discovery by researchers that could lead to new, inexpensive antimicrobial drugs. ( 08:59:15 - 2012/09/25)

Manipulating Brain Neurons to Control Behavior
TEHRAN (FNA)- In the quest to understand how the brain turns sensory input into behavior, scientists have crossed a major threshold. Using precisely-targeted lasers, researchers have been able to take over an animal's brain, instruct it to turn in any direction they choose, and even to implant false sensory information, fooling the animal into thinking food was nearby. ( 08:57:31 - 2012/09/25)

New Step to Produce Nano-Based Biosensors for Cancer Diagnosis
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from Shiraz University succeeded in the identification of presence or absence of any of the spot jumps in DNA sequence by designing a method that enables the distinction of all eight possible forms of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). ( 10:56:55 - 2012/09/24)

Cancer Quest Leads to New Way to Produce Nylon
TEHRAN (FNA)- In their quest for a cancer cure, researchers at the Duke Cancer Institute made a serendipitous discovery - a molecule necessary for cheaper and greener ways to produce nylon. ( 10:14:50 - 2012/09/24)

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