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12:00 | 2012-10-04


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Dutch Filmmaker Praises Iranian People's Hospitality

TEHRAN (FNA)- Sabine Lubbe Bakker, a Dutch filmmaker who is in Iran to attend the 12th International Moqavemat (Resistance) Film Festival, praised the Iranian people's culture and hospitality.

Bakker made the remarks in an interview on the sidelines of the IMFF. The following is the text of the interview.

How do you like Iran?

It is very nice; it's warm, in the Netherlands its winter right now. The
City is also a nice one, I liked to see more but we are busy here because we have to watch films all the time. It is my first time here, when I received invitation letter from this festival I accepted it immediately. Because I like to come here and see Iran. I had heard many different stories about Iran, I wanted to see it myself, and now I can tell you Iranians are very good and sweet people.

What is your idea about the 12th MIFF?

It is interesting, I like it, I saw some films like Thirty Three days, I'm interested to see more Iranian films, and they are really nice. I have seen many Iranian films before like Separation. In general I really enjoyed the festival.

How much are you familiar with Iranian cinema?

As I said before I have seen some Iranian films. I also lived in Syria for a while and I saw a lot of Iranian photography, so I am kind of familiar with Iranian art and Iranian style.

What is your opinion about the main theme of the festival?

I think for me as a filmmaker what is important is to making a good film, and sometimes it can have a theme, like resistance. So I think it is interesting but I believe the quality of the film also should be kept when we are trying to convey a certain theme in a film.

As a European how do you feel about the concept of resistance in cinema?

Well, we have not had a war in our country, but I think it is a concern for people who live here, we cannot understand its meaning in real sense.

How did you like the screened films in the 12th MIFF?

I saw some interesting films; I saw a film about the Egyptian Revolution. I wonder how people came together and made a revolution, you know when I was in the Netherlands we saw the Egyptian revolution and said it is really nice because they are getting something that we have lost for years, I mean unity, they got unity and made a change. It is really impressive. And it was really interesting to see how women came to the streets and took part in the revolution. I also saw the film Thirty-Three Days, it was really different from what I had seen before, I mean it was a very direct film. It is about a woman and her difficulties in war, as a European I cannot imagine to be in her place. I mean it is very sad to see such things happening in people's lives.

How do you see the position of the Iranian cinema in today's world?

I cannot talk about the world, but I think your Oscar winning film Separation is something very good for improving Iranian cinema in the world.