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12:30 | 2012-10-04


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Japanese Film Producer Fond of Islamic World, Iranian Cinema

TEHRAN (FNA)- Japanese film producer Asako Kageyama, who is in Iran to take part in the 12th International Moqavemat (Resistance) Film Festival, believes that Eastern and Western Asia should boost cultural interactions and exchanges, specially in the cinema sector, in a bid to bridge the gap of knowledge existing between the two sides.

Kageyama made the remarks during an interview on the sidelines of the 12th International Moqavemat (Resistance) Film Festival in Iran.

The following is the text of his interview.

How many times have you been to Iran?

This is my second time in Iran. The first time was 2 years ago for the Short Film Festival. I feel I'm very lucky to come here because I'm living in Japan and it's very difficult to see films from this side.

What do you think about the theme of the festival which is 'Resistance'?

Not only 'Resistance' but in general the Islamic world is very far from our society and it's very nice to be here. In this part of the world resistance is a very hard kind of resistance, but resistance can mean many things. It doesn't mean that people who are living in the western world are not resisting anything because the daily life is so hard wherever you live, even if you're living in a western country or Japan. In general, the festival can help us have better communication with people from other countries. Right now I'm the only person from Eastern Asia, so I think it can help me build better relationships.

How do you see the movies?

I couldn't see many movies and I have a request to the festival. I want them to put the English subtitle for us, so that we can see the films.

What do you think about Iranian movies in general? Have you seen the works of any prominent Iranian moviemaker?

I love KiaRostami's works.

This festival is on display in some other countries simultaneously. What's your idea about it?

I think it's quite interesting. I'd like to know how the festival is held in other countries and how people from other countries react to the films.