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14:01 | 2012-09-18


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Emad Moqnieh's Family Will Attend Resistance Festival

TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary of the 12th International Moqavemat Film Festival said the film event will pay tribute to martyrs and activists of sacred defense.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference, IMFF Secretary Mohammad Khazaie and IMFF Public Relations Director Yazdan Ashiri denounced the film insulting the great prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and stated this film is a cultural crime.

Khazaie pointed out that the festival is taking place while the world is in a critical situation and added this festival is taking place as that Islamic Awakening growing around the Islamic world.

He also added, each human, irrespective of his religion, is hurt by watching the anti-Islam offensive movie.

He stressed that Muslims have never insulted other religions, and said it must be illustrated that people are tending to Islam more and more and this is one of the major concerns of European countries and Israel, and the hidden scenario behind making such film will be cleared in the future.

"The festival is taking place in a critical time. Even an Israeli newspaper in an article entitled "Moqavemat festival for hatred of Israel" discussed 12th MIFF and expressed its concern about holding the festival in 9 countries around the world. I believe if we can hold a festival in which people become aware of Israel's role it will be a success for us, Khazaie said.

Khazaie also said this article called the festival as a festival for terrorism, but I tell them that you are terrorists because our country has seventeen thousands terror martyrs and the role of Israel and United States is visible in them.

Khazaie pointed to 12th MIFF's message as "insight, awareness and glory" and added regarding the length of the festival this would be the broadest film festival in Iran after Islamic revolution.

It has been always my wish to hold a festival for all people in Iran and one of the significance of 12th festival is that it's going to be held in deprived provinces as well.

The secretary also explained about holding the festival in nine countries overseas.

Khazai added in the International section of the festival feature films, short films and documentaries will be screened. He said that this section is named "Truth Light" and the secretariat of the festival has received more than 200 movies from 87 countries. 40 movies will be screened in this section (14 movies in Emad Moqniyeh section, 13 in feature films section and 13 in documentary section).

He indicated Victims of mass destruction weapons; fighting terrorism and Zionism, Islamic awakening, Human Rights and Wall Street Movement are the main themes of International section of the festival.

Khazai said that all the three sections of the International competition will be judged by a jury of five members (2 Iranian cineastes and three non-Iranian).

He concluded his speech by saying that the 12th MIFF will be held in other countries including North Korea, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, India and Malaysia. He also said that movies from different countries such as Spain, France, Norway, Italy, South Korea and Ireland will be screened in the festival.

It is worthy to mention that each day of the festival is named after the name of a martyr.