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08:56 | 2012-09-30


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World Is A Battlefield of Ideas Today

TEHRAN (FNA)- The world is a battlefield of ideas today, said Nassim Abbasi, Moroccan filmmaker and jury member of the 12th International Moqavemat Film Festival (IMFF).

Abbasi made the remarks during an interview which follows.

Is it your first time in Iran?
Yes it is my first time, I like Iran and I like to see here but I should stay at the hotel all the time because I am a Jury member and we have to watch films all the time.

What is your opinion about the 12th IMFF?
When I was invited to this festival I accepted the invitation immediately. I liked the idea about holding a festival like this, I liked the theme of the festival, because when I was younger I read in books and also I saw in the films that there are bad thoughts about Muslims, they always were shown as bad people, negative persons and I didn't like that, so I wanted to make films about Moqavemat, to make films that show good portrait of the Muslims, and show the western people that they are wrong about Muslims, and today in this festival Muslim filmmakers can screen their films with Moqavemat themes. Sometimes films are more powerful than governments and you can express your ideas to the world through the films. I think today, there is a battle for ideas, western countries know how to use films to express their ideas and we also must learn how to reach the sufficient standards for using this powerful media.

What is your idea about the films screened in the festival?
I haven't seen all the movies yet, but I saw Queen last night, I really liked it, I had seen Mostafa Zamani in Yousef (PBUH) TV series before and I like him, in Queen he looks really different but I think he is a good actor.

How is it possible to make the Muslim world cinema more international and successful?
I believe that Muslim world filmmakers should try to reach international standards to attract more and more audiences, this is what the western world does in the best way, so as soon as we find a large number of audiences we can express our ideas and let the people of the world see us, and we can also fight against wrong ideas about Muslims.