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18:22 | 2012-09-09

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Western Paranoia Over Iran Reaches Canadian Shores

TEHRAN (FNA)- Western paranoia over Iran and its rising status in the region and beyond has now officially reached the Canadian shores.

Just like the United States and the United Kingdom (still suffering severely from the symptoms of the Cold War mentality), the Canadian government (apparently under pressure from Israel) has decided to adopt a "non-professional, unconventional and unjustifiable" policy towards Iran by suspending diplomatic ties.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said that his country "is suspending diplomatic relations with Iran and designating the country as a sponsor of terrorism!"

Baird, in an announcement to reporters in Vladivostok, Russia, where he was attending an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, said Canada would close its embassy in Tehran and expel Iranian diplomats from Canada.

Baird cited Iran's military assistance for the Syrian government, its refusal to comply with United Nations resolutions, its threats against Israel, and its support for terrorist groups.

There is no doubt whatsoever that just like their nervous American/British counterparts, the Canadian government officials are making a strategic mistake by pursuing cowboy diplomacy and looking at things through the eyes of the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv, particularly those who are in charge of finding a permanent solution to the West's new foreign-policy crisis in the Middle East where they have lost allies in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen in the wake of Islamic Awakening.

Based on America's own official accounts, there is strong evidence suggesting that the Zionist lobbyists and the military complex were the ones that convinced and helped a desperate Bush administration and allies to fabricate lies about Iraq's non-existent WMDs in an attempt to attack and occupy that oil-rich country in light of the 9/11 attacks.

Washington's nonstop opposition towards Iran's peaceful nuclear program, which despite baseless allegations is still under the direct supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is equally being fomented by certain Neocons and Zionist lobbyists, who are worried about the illegal entity of Israel and its uncertain future.

As for the alleged military support for terrorists or the Syrian government, it suffices to state that the new Chairman Iran did make it absolutely clear at the recent Summit of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) heads-of-state in Tehran that with the help of the regional countries it is seeking a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis. So, there isn't so much justification here for the Western media hype either, Canada in particular.
Nevertheless, such a blind commitment to Israel and/or self-defeating policy goes against the international law, leaving us with no other option but to argue that the Zionist lobbyists as well as warmongers in Washington and London are directly involved in the Canadian government's senseless move to sever ties with Tehran.

Into the bargain, an increasingly insecure Israel is desperate to unite the West against Iran to pave the way for complete invasion and occupation of the region, where together with the West they could then plunder the remaining energy resources, trigger a new Cold War, and launch a new arms race to save their ailing economies.

Now with Canada's latest diplomatic blunder, the peaceful nations of the world (especially the 120 countries that sent their leaders and top officials to the Tehran NAM Summit) can clearly see how, despite the shameful and strategic failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Zionist lobbyists are at it again. They are also visibly trying to persuade government officials in the West to stop Iran and its civilian nuclear program in a bid to protect their own nuclear monopoly in the Middle East!

Yes, they have for years used each and every trick in the book to misrepresent and halt any kind of technological advancement, nuclear technology in particular, in Muslim nations - their worst nightmare. So it shouldn't come as surprise to see Canada behave undiplomatically, jump on Israel's bandwagon (which has at least 200 nuclear warheads), and announce in broad daylight that it cannot stand the idea of a nuclear Iran.

Like the rest of the world, though, the Canadian government knows it just too well that the Zionist lobbyists and Neocons (and not Iran) are responsible for the current bloodshed, carnage and security crisis throughout the region, especially in Syria, where their armed gangs/terrorists are slaughtering innocent women and children in the name of democracy and freedom. They also know it just too well that the Zionists are equally responsible for the current deterioration of relations between the Islamic world (as well as the Non-Aligned Movement states) and the West.

It is true that the Zionist apple doesn't fall far from the US tree, but the solution to the West's current economic downturn and foreign-policy crisis doesn't lie with calling for diplomatic freeze and unilateral sanctions (deceptively dubbed "UN sanctions"), or its saber rattling and ambition for the so-called "regime change" in Iran beyond merely halting its nuclear program.

Many observers (even in the West) agree that a better option for Washington and its allies should be to recognize Iran (the new chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement that makes almost two-thirds of the UN membership) as a new member of the world's nuclear club and a regional power - even though it would appear to be a strategic setback for the West momentarily.

The bottom line is that albeit the saber rattling and unholy alliance in the West, a diplomatic settlement is still conceivable in all matters, including Iran's nuclear program. If only Western statesmen had the guts to say no to pro-Israel lobbyists; leave behind their old ideas of world domination and Cold War mentality; and stop their loose talk of further unilateral sanctions and pressures!