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19:23 | 2012-09-27

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Driving Factors behind Canada's Break with Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- On Friday, September 7, 2012, Canadian government at the order of Prime Minister Stephen Harper shut down the Iranian Embassy in Toronto declaring the Iranian diplomats in Toronto "persona non-grata' and giving the staff there only five days to leave the country, while at the same time pulling its ambassador and embassy staff out of Tehran, severing all diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic.

The Foreign Minister of Canada John Baird at the Asia-Pacific Meeting in Vladivostok made the announcement in a name-calling tirade charging Iran with being a "state sponsor of terrorism', being "the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today," and mimicking Israeli myths about Iran's "racist anti-Sematic rhetoric and incitement to genocide". When two days later the American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC) circulated a petition on the internet protesting the belligerent act of the Canadian government's unilateral decision, some respondents were dismayed by the flagrant act of the Harper government against a nation that has not attacked Canada, has not carried out any hostile actions, and has not been any threat to the international community in the last 200+ years.

Some people expressed surprise at Canada's actions, thinking that Canada's national health care and social welfare programs were reflective of a more moderate, less imperialistic country. What are the true causes of the Canadian government's behavior?

By glancing over the history of the economic and political structures of the West we show why Canada's actions have a definite logic, and why Prime Minister Harper took such a drastic measure. The following analysis does not provide Canada with moral justification for its libelous words and actions but tends to prove the polarization of the world into two hostile camps: a small minority of the wealthiest nations pitted against the great majority of the developing countries.


The Canadian government resorting to severing diplomatic relations, a pathetic act, is for several reasons:

1) Iran is becoming a regional power in the Middle East - overshadowing Israel and Saudi Arabia, two clients of the domineering powers in that region. The shift in the balance of forces has been felt by the West in central Asia, with the expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to include Iran in an observer status since 2005. This has increased Iran's cooperation with Russia, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and as a result of these developments the NATO masters have been driven to extremes.
2) Iran's success in convening the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran the last week of August was almost too much to bear for Tel Aviv, and was one of the driving factors in Canada's actions against Iran. The success of NAM, with 120 countries in attendance, over 30 heads of state and 90 foreign ministers, representing two-thirds of United Nations member states was a brilliant proof and reflection that Iran is a respectable member of the international community and is NOT isolated as Washington, Tel Aviv and Ottawa would like to claim. According to Mazda Majidi, writing in Liberation Newspaper of the Party for Socialism and Liberation on September 7, 2012, "Hosting an international summit of this magnitude has enabled Iran to counter the claims of the United States, its imperialist allies and Israel that Iran is internationally isolated…the Summit's final communiqué included a unanimous adopted resolution supporting Iran's right to a nuclear program."
3) Doubtlessly, the support of NAM members was a strong rebuff to all those states who have tried to deny Iran's right to uranium enrichment and development of an independent economy and have imposed sanctions on the country for more than three decades. Such a defeat could not be tolerated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, nor his neo-conservative ally Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
4) Tehran has the chairmanship of NAM for the next three years, and the members of NAM have begun planning how to strengthen the role of NAM in world affairs and begin to democratize the United Nations.


By all and every indications, short of engaging in a full scale continental and nuclear arms war which may trigger the involvement of Russia, China, India, Israel and Pakistan, a handful of NATO top dogs - the US, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, and their loud-mouth puppet Israel - have been trying every conceivable strategy, tactic, fantastic scenarios and sophisticated tools of war propaganda to intimidate or harm the countries and nations who do not dance to the tune of a unipolar world. A universe in which a small number of highly industrialized countries of the West in the grips of the neo-conservative and fundamentalist Christian-Zionist ideologies headed by the US would be in control of nuclear energy, weapons of mass destruction (WMD's), the choke points of the world's waterways, and be in command of the most vital raw materials and their related prices, particularly the sources of energy, oil and gas, and the materials needed for the production of advanced technological instruments. The pre-requisite of this universe is that the US and its junior partners are also in command of the world's arms manufacturing-marketing and their means of transportation in the world of finance capital, for example, International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB), and the European Central Bank (ECB). The aforementioned overwhelming domination in the material world necessitates its corollary in the world of politics, international relations, the offices and structure of the United Nations, the sphere of diplomatic and ambassadorial interrelations.

In pursuit of preserving the world monopoly control by a few over the world's affairs and its resources, Canada as one of the main beneficiaries of the unipolar world, in severing its relationship with Iran, used its diplomatic tool with the aim of isolating Iran and tilting the world balance of forces back toward the West, which for more than a decade has been shifting in favor of China, Russia, Iran and the Arab masses.

In the first decade of the twenty-first century (the beginning of the post US era), Russia which after its downfall in 1989 was excluded by NATO from the economic and geopolitical affairs of the Middle East and the Arab world in general, now is benefitting from the unsuccessful US-NATO interventionist voluntarism in Iraq and Afghanistan that coincided with great losses of life (fatalities of 4500 in Iraq, and over 2000 in Afghanistan) and a great amount of treasures, and once again it is finding a space on the side of the peoples of Iran and Syria, having prevented the West from duplicating their criminal experience in Libya in the new theatre of war in Syria.

The longevity of US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the inability of NATO, headed by the United States, to bring the people of those countries to their knees - accepting the supremacy of the United States and Israel - the Arab nations realized the vulnerability of the US and their own capabilities in challenging the world's status quo. The attacks currently taking place on US embassies and today's uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and ten other countries are the result of the US NATO policies of total domination.

The struggle of the Arab masses could be heard in their slogans against US imperialism and their attacks on the symbol of hatred, i.e., US embassies as military fortresses in the midst of the Arab cities. In the process of the Arab Awakening, the Arab masses have realized that rulers such as Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen were the puppets of US-UK-France and their financial backers.


For more than a year and a half the US, France, Britain, Canada, using the UN and the Security Council, have been attacking the legitimacy of the Syrian government, planning to use NATO and a "No Fly Zone" similar to the intervention in Libya, but were blocked by Russia and China's vetoes against any overt military action. Fortunately, not being able to use the UN Chapter VII to intervene, the West has been funding and aiding foreign mercenaries, operating as part of the opposition. The US has made no secret that the Obama Administration has been providing communications technology, while US, Britain, and the European big powers are financing the arms and ammunition, and some reports say that Britain and Turkey, along with the Arab Sheikdoms allied with the US provide direct training and military intelligence.

The United States and Canada have placed unilateral sanctions on Syria and hoped to intensify sanctions on a broader scale by using UN resolutions. However, that path has been consistently blocked by the Russian and Chinese, who are advocating resolution to the Syrian conflict through diplomacy and dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition. Canada openly stated that the cutting of relations with Iran was directly connected to Iran's support for Syria, and their act no doubt was intended to use the sanctions as another tool of war.

The Syrian opposition is very much similar to the opposition in Libya - both promoted, funded, trained and backed-up by the financial and military arsenals and treasury of the major imperialist countries. This trend of financing NATO and its wars of intervention has been continuing while unemployment, poverty and homelessness are on the rise in all the industrialized countries. To divert the attention of their own people from the causes of their misery and the lowering of their standard of living, the White House, State Department and doubtlessly Tel Aviv and Ottawa are pointing their fingers at Iran, Syria, Yemen, North Korea and many other countries in a long list too many to mention here.

Listen to the daily propaganda of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Fox News; you will receive the pungent smell of their hatred toward the people of those countries who resist foreign domination, but every time there is a resistance to the onslaught of the Western countries, by the masses of people, the US State Department automatically attributes that to the specter of "Al Qaeda", who is no one else except the shadowy forces armed and financed by the US and old colonial powers.

It was a disappointment to the US when they realized that a great majority of the people of Syria saw into the plot of Washington, London and Paris: the partition of their country. The security and armed forces of Syria, with all the casualties they've endured still steadfastly resisted and are driving the enemies of that country into the border and arms of Turkey, which in collaboration with the reactionary Arab regimes, was turning into a springboard of NATO'S design.

Support by the Islamic Republic of Iran for Syria was like a dagger coming down on the Turkish-NATO spine. Canada kept a low profile in the attacks against Libya, but in the case of Syria, has openly demonstrated its wrath by severing its diplomatic relations with Iran. Canada severed relations with Syria when it closed its embassy in Damascus last March (2012). By doing that, Canada, which provided the US with foot-soldiers in US wars in Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, reveals its servile character.

Aside from the full engagement of the Canadian military forces in the first and second world wars, Canada has been involved in practically every imperialist war against every struggle for liberation. During the US war on Korea, 1951-1953, Canadian military forces were an integral part of the US invading forces, suffering 1,558 casualties. During the US war on Vietnam (Nov. 1, 1955 - May 15, 1975), Canada provided the US with billions of dollars worth of war materials and supplies, with the result that 110 Canadians were killed in Vietnam. As usual Canadian military forces aggressed against the people of Yugoslavia and the partition of that country.

Just as in all other wars, Canadian military forces, along with the US, British, French and New Zealand, (coalition of the willing), have had their share of killing the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. As we examine history, we see that Canadian governments over the last 100 years have stood on the side of the imperialist forces against the countries struggling for liberation or simply wanting to maintain their sovereignty.

Written By: Ardeshir Ommani