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2012-10-08 - 15:14

Japanese Envoy Praises Iran for Efforts to Expand Cultural Ties with Tokyo

TEHRAN (FNA)- Japanese Ambassador to Tehran Kinichi Kumano thanked Iran's cultural bodies and officials for the efforts they have made to promote cultural relations between the two countries.

The Japanese diplomat made the remarks in a meeting with Head of Iran's Islamic Culture and Relations Organization Mohammad Baqer Khorramshad here on Monday.

Kumano underlined the need for further expansion of cultural relations between the two nations and expressed his satisfaction with the efforts made during his tenure in Iran in line with promotion of all-out ties between the two friendly countries.

During the meeting, Khorramshad said that Iran and Japan enjoy considerable capacities for fostering cultural cooperation.

Diplomatic relations between Iran and Japan were formally established in 1926 and throughout history, the two countries have maintained a friendly and strongly cooperation in various arenas.

The two countries' officials have hold talks in different economic, trade, political and cultural fields in recent years to explore new ways of expanding bilateral ties.

Iran is one of the main oil suppliers for Japan.