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News from the Field

Africa, Myanmar, Climate Change, Post 2015 Under the Microscope


October 17, 2012
JICA President Tanaka discusses these and other issues with top leaders of development partners and organizations in Tokyo.

A Long-term Partnership with Japan is Helping India to Modernize


October 9, 2012
JICA is helping India to modernize economically and socially with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects to build new metro systems, power plants, sewage and water systems and other programs in health, education, agriculture, forestry and silk production.

A Better Deal for Persons with Disabilities in Malaysia


October 15, 2012
Unemployment is a rising global problem with tens of millions of persons unable to find meaningful jobs. JICA has initiated support for persons with disabilities, especially those with severe disabilities to find jobs.

Helping Tens of Millions of Young Girls around the World


October 9, 2012
Young girls are among the world’s most vulnerable groups with tens of millions denied education and health care and subject to sexual abuse. JICA has ongoing projects in more than 40 countries to help this most vulnerable group.



Uncertain Prospects of Peace and Stability in South Sudan, Celebrating One Year of Independence


July 23, 2012
On July 9, South Sudan celebrated one year of independence. What is needed in South Sudan to continue advancing reconstruction and avoid a return to conflict? A report from Atsushi Hanatani, Chief Representative of the JICA South Sudan Office.

Reconstruction and Development in Afghanistan
–The Road to Self-Reliance as Witnessed from the Trenches–


July 3, 2012
Afghanistan is still in the process of recovering from decades of war. Yoshikazu Yamada, JICA Afghanistan Chief Representative discusses what kind of assistance Afghanistan needs today, particularly in the light of the 2014 withdrawal of an international security force.


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