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Official: Iran's N. Facilities Vaccinated against Malwares
TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of Iran's Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali stressed that Iranian experts and engineers are fully capable of detecting and repelling enemies' cyber attacks against Iran's nuclear facilities and installations. ( 13:35:40 - 2012/09/23)

Plot to Sabotage Iran's Nuclear Equipment Fails
TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior Iranian parliamentary officials revealed on Saturday that German company Siemens intended to sabotage Iran's nuclear program by selling a booby-trapped equipment to Tehran. ( 08:31:43 - 2012/09/23)

IAEA Approves Iran's Proposal for Preventing Sabotage of N. Facilities
TEHRAN (FNA)- The 56th annual session of the IAEA General Conference in Vienna wrapped up work by approving the inclusion of Iran's proposal for countering and preventing terrorist and sabotage acts against the members' nuclear facilities, in the Nuclear Safety Resolution of the General Assembly. ( 17:47:46 - 2012/09/22)

Iran to Continue Cooperation with Russian Experts in Bushehr Power Plant
TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Fereidoun Abbasi said the number of Russian experts at Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant will decrease, but Iran will continue cooperation with Moscow until control of the plant is fully handed to Iran in the next three years. ( 16:16:07 - 2012/09/22)

Iran's Atomic Agency Fools Western Spies
TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization Fereydoon Abbasi said in an article published Thursday that because of foreign espionage, his government had sometimes provided false information to protect its nuclear program. ( 11:08:44 - 2012/09/22)

Iran Describes Israeli N. Arsenals as "Threat to Peace"
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran warned nations about the major threat posed by Israel's undeclared nuclear arsenal to global peace and security, and called on the international community to take proper measures against the threat. ( 13:13:55 - 2012/09/21)

Slovak Diplomat Calls for Diplomatic Solution to Iran's N. Issue
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Slovak diplomat described political and diplomatic solution as the best possible option to settle the nuclear standoff between Tehran and the West. ( 13:20:56 - 2012/09/20)

Iran: Israel Main Obstacle to Nuclear-Free-Middle East
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast urged the nuclear countries to be committed to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and said that the Zionist regime is the main obstacle to a nuclear free Middle East. ( 10:10:18 - 2012/09/19)

UN Chief Urges Diplomatic End to Iran's N. Issue
TEHRAN (FNA)- UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon voiced strong opposition to the use of military action against Iran over its nuclear program, stressed the need for a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear issue through negotiation. ( 10:44:17 - 2012/09/16)

NAM Supports Iran's Rights to Use Peaceful N. Technology
TEHRAN (FNA)- Members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in a statement underlined their support for Iran's inalienable right to use peaceful nuclear technology. ( 15:49:58 - 2012/09/14)

Envoy: New IAEA Resolution May Jeopardize Iran's Cooperation with IAEA
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Residing Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency Ali Asqar Soltaniyeh warned that the new resolution of the IAEA's Board of Governors on Iran could complicate the situation on the ground and jeopardize Tehran's cooperation with the UN body. ( 14:01:57 - 2012/09/14)

Beijing: Talks, Cooperation Only Solution to Iran's N. Issue
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Chinese foreign ministry underlined the necessity for adopting a proper strategy in negotiations with Iran, and said talks and cooperation are only way to settle the nuclear standoff between Tehran and the West. ( 16:57:29 - 2012/09/13)

Speaker Underscores Iran's Strong Opposition to N. Weapons
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani reiterated Tehran's steadfast opposition to the acquisition and possession of nuclear arms, but at the same time stressed Iran's right to access peaceful nuclear energy. ( 12:59:50 - 2012/09/11)

China Reiterates Iran's Right to Access N. Energy
TEHRAN (FNA)- Chairman of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress Wu Bangguo lauded the strategic ties between his country and Tehran, and reiterated China's support for Iran's right to access nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. ( 12:43:12 - 2012/09/11)

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