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12:30 | 2012-10-04


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Indian Cineaste Praises High Quality of Iranian Cinema

TEHRAN (FNA)- Indian filmmaker Bal Pratab Shirkant praised the high quality of Iranian movies and cinema.

Shirkant made the remarks during an interview on the sidelines of the 12th International Moqavemat (Resistance) Film Festival in Iran.

The following is the text of his interview.

How many times have you been to Iran? How has your trip been so far?

It's my first time in Iran and we got very excited when my wife was invited as a member of the jury. I think there is a lot of connection between India and Iran. There is a lot of commonality in terms of values and exchange of culture.
I'm very excited about coming here. Everything has been really amazing including the joy, curtsey, warmth and friendliness of the people. I absolutely appreciate the hospitality of the Iranian people.

Were you able to see any Iranian movies?
Unfortunately, I couldn't see many movies because the movies which are shown for the guests, who are not among the jury members, do not include English subtitle, so that I could not really enjoy the viewing. However, back in July we had the Cine Fun Festival in India. My wife organized this festival in India and I could see a lot of Iranian movies there. The difference between this festival and the one which we held in India is that, this one has a theme - Resistance, but the movies which were shown in that festival in India had a much simpler theme. I particularly liked "the Orange Suit". I think it was enormous and it won a prize as well.

How do you see Iranian movies in general?

I think they are of the highest quality and there is a lot of social discussion in them. I would like to come back to Iran anytime.