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BBC Director General Resigns
TEHRAN (FNA)- The head of the BBC resigned, just two months into the job, after the state-funded British broadcaster put out a program denounced by its own chairman as shoddy journalism. ( 14:48:32 - 2012/11/11)

Iran, Armenia Sign Agreement on Extradition of Criminals
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran and Armenia are due to ink an agreement to extradite the two countries' criminals so that they spend their prison terms in their homelands, Armenian Justice Minister Hrayr Tovmasian announced on Sunday. ( 13:47:45 - 2012/11/11)

Terrorists Increase Mortar Attacks on Damascus
TEHRAN (FNA)- Reports coming from Syria said terrorists' bomb blasts in the capital, Damascus, have now been replaced with an increasing number of mortar attacks. ( 13:42:46 - 2012/11/11)

Armenian Minister Lauds Iran's Unbiased Stance on Karabakh Issue
TEHRAN (FNA)- Armenia's Minister of Justice Hrayr Tovmasian praised Iran's impartial stance on the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan. ( 13:36:11 - 2012/11/11)

Report: Jordan Helping Qatar, S. Arabia to Supply Arms to Terrorists in Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Jordan has stepped up its support for terrorist groups in Syria by facilitating arms shipments across its border with Syria, reports said. ( 13:33:36 - 2012/11/11)

Egyptian Official Blames Arab World Differences for Crisis in Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- President of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs Abdel Raouf el-Reedy said the present situation and killings in Syria are the result of divisions and gaps among Arab countries' position on the ongoing crisis in Syria. ( 13:26:41 - 2012/11/11)

Minister Appreciates Armenia for Defending Iran against Western Sanctions
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Justice Minister Seyed Morteza Bakhtiari hailed Armenia for defending Iran against the sanctions imposed by the western states, and underlined that there are no restriction for the further expansion of Tehran's ties with Yerevan. ( 13:16:15 - 2012/11/11)

Guardian Discloses Britain's £5.5mln Lending to Saddam's War on Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Britain lent £5.5 mln to the former Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein to reinvigorate his army for the 1980 war on Iran, a British daily reported. ( 13:04:26 - 2012/11/11)

MP: Enemies Trying to Disunite Iranians through Exaggerating Impacts of Sanctions
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian legislator said that enemies of Iran are seeking to magnify and exaggerate the impacts of the Western sanctions against the country's different sectors in order to create a gap between the people and the government. ( 12:50:47 - 2012/11/11)

Trade Official: Iran to Turn West's Sanctions into Opportunities
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian trade official downplayed the impacts of sanctions against Tehran by the Western countries, saying that Iranians will change pressures and embargos into opportunities to ensure continued trend of their country's developing economy in all arenas. ( 12:50:02 - 2012/11/11)

Kuwait Frees Royals Accused of Protest Tweets
TEHRAN (FNA)- Kuwait has released two members of the Al-Sabah ruling family after holding them for two days allegedly over tweets deemed critical of the government, they said on Twitter Saturday. ( 12:46:05 - 2012/11/11)

Greeks Protest as Lawmakers Debate Budget
TEHRAN (FNA)- Several hundred Greek civil servants staged a protest in front of the parliament in Athens on Saturday as lawmakers inside debated a draft 2013 budget ahead of a key vote. ( 12:44:39 - 2012/11/11)

Protests in US over Slow Power Restoration
TEHRAN (FNA)- Hundreds of Americans protested outside a Long Island utility, frustrated by its slow response to outages. ( 12:43:36 - 2012/11/11)

Strong Earthquake Rocks Myanmar
TEHRAN (FNA)- A strong earthquake struck Northern Myanmar and killed five people. ( 12:42:34 - 2012/11/11)

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