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14:13 | 2012-11-12


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US Think Tank: Muslims Feel Discredit for US due to Washington's Support for Israel

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Washington-Tel Aviv relations have damaged the US reputation among Arab and Muslim countries, a US think tank said, adding that the US has paid a hefty cost for supporting the Zionist regime.

The Washington Institute in an article on US-Israel alliance by Michael Eisenstadt and David Pollock wrote that at the final presidential debate of the 2012 campaign season, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney mentioned Israel some 30 times, called it a "true friend", and pledged to stand with it through thick and thin.

Some political commentators criticized these effusive declarations of support as pandering, suggesting that the candidates were simply going after Jewish and pro-Israel votes, it said.

The United States has provided Israel with indispensable diplomatic, economic, and military support totaling more than $115bln since 1949.

To be sure, the alliance with Israel has been with many risks and costs for Washington.

The 1973 War between Israel and its neighbors brought America to the brink of conflict with the former Soviet Union and prompted an Arab embargo on oil exports to the United States.

Following the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the Reagan administration dispatched US marines to help stabilize the country, which ultimately resulted in costly attacks on American diplomats and military personnel there, said the report.

US diplomatic and military support for Israel has reinforced negative attitudes towards the United States in many Arab and predominantly Muslim countries, it added.

The last two years of upheaval have brought turmoil to many of Washington's traditional allies in the region.

It isn't always easy being Israel's ally (and Israeli actions don't always make it easier), the report said.

The report said Israel faces many challenges, including the unresolved conflict with the Palestinians, internal socioeconomic gaps, voices around the world that deny its right to exist, and now Iran's nuclear program.

Israel has made little progress towards addressing these issues and needs to do more to remain an attractive partner for the United States.