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16:26 | 2012-11-11


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MKO Members Stage Self-Immolation to Protest at Pressures

TEHRAN (FNA)- The number of people who commit suicide, specially self-immolation, in the camps run by the anti-Iran terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, NCR and PMOI) is on the increase due to the pressures exerted by the leaders of the terrorist cult to prevent defection of the members, a report disclosed on Sunday.

According to a report published by Edalat (Justice) Society web site - an organ of the families of the Iranian victims of terrorism - last week, an MKO member named Shahram Hosseini sustained deep wounds after committing self-immolation but was saved from death by one of his comrades.

Also, a report released by RAND institute also said that the number of suicide and self-immolation cases is increasing among the cult members as they have been deprived by their leaders of their even most basic rights after 26 years of encampment in Iraq and have been threatened to receive a death penalty if they ever speak up of defection.

Also, a November report by the Habilian Association, an Iran-based human rights group, said that under the direct order of MKO's Ringleader Maryam Rajavi, leaders of the terrorist group in the Camp of New Iraq (formerly known as Camp Ashraf) allow their members to receive medical aids, healthcare and other services in return for given levels of cooperation.

Based on the order, dissident members are deprived of medicine and other medical services or, at least, face much hardship and difficulty in procuring their necessary medicines.

The right group added that the new measure came after protests remarkably increased inside the group, specially in the camp. Right groups are gravely concerned that a large number of MKO members may lose their lives soon if UN, human rights and Iraqi officials do not force the group leaders to end their tortures and pressures against the dissident members.

In relevant development, a report revealed in November that Ahmad Razzani, a veteran member of the MKO, had been killed inside the Camp.

According to an August report by the Habilian Association, the MKO leaders have increased their pressures and control over the members of the terrorist group to prevent possible defection and escape by unsatisfied members.

Reports also said that all exit and entry doors have been locked and none of the members, even those suffering from acute diseases and illnesses, are allowed to leave the camp.

MKO ringleaders have ordered the camp guards to stage snap inspections of the group's members and their personal belongings under the pretext of finding the lost weapons.

Such behaviors have sparked discontent among a number of MKO members and made them escape the camp and return to their anguished families.